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Film Theory midterm

i’ve a Film Theory midterm today. last night was spent wrestling with concepts of the ontologies of cinema, soviet montage, theories and requirements for cinematic Realism, questions of auteurship and genre and a little bit of semiotic icing to top it off. currently i’ve something akin to Walter Benjamin’s Marxist ideas of base/superstructure (in re: […]

Horn Toot

i don’t like to toot my own horn but jmay requested what the class thought of my latest. here are some of their comments: cool chess imagery – this is quite an accomplishment. juggler. juggler… once again, your depth of historical or thematic knowledge here is applied and over my head, but in this case […]

From the Tao

from the Tao Te Ching (50): A person comes forth to life and enters into death. Three out of ten are partners of life, Three out of ten are partners of death, And the people whose every movement leads them to the land of death because they cling to life Are also three out of […]

Regular Season End

my regular season is over. i was 4-1 on the weekend, and finally got my act together. the men’s squad is now 82-0 over three years of fencing. and my time fencing as a part of the team is almost up. the drive back from East Lansing was quite an experience. the weather was awful. […]

Dating Race

i often think that i am too far behind in the dating game to ever make a good play of it. resignation fills the air like stale gym socks fill the locker room with that stale gym sock smell. (horrid simile intentional). i’ve still no idea what i’m doing. pretty much ever. everything gets recycled, […]

Dies Irae [rethought]

With the slightest touch, a sleeping dragon awakes. Odin’s ravens, Thought and Memory, croak. They eat mushroom clouds for lunch, dark rain for dinner. Gorged after this meal, they hear What the Thunder Says: ‘All the world has aged.’ Immolated in Inextinguishable Fire, Megiddo is quiet. Two men lay like sleep, bowing to once fertile […]

Clone High

MTV actually has a good new show for once. It is called Clone High. The premise, famous dead people were cloned years ago and the clones are now all in high-school. apparently they are supposedly being trained into a clone army, but that isn’t really happening. forget the nature/nurture argument. the clones act like their […]


senioritis is officially here. i’ve this class called Fictions of Insanity. It is insanely boring. we are supposed to have the next book read for thursday. i have not purchased said book, nor do i intend to. i also firmly intend to not read a word of it. this class does not deserve my time […]

Wildass Dream

another wildass dream last night. i was the rebellious son of a fictional President. Then the aliens invaded and all hell broke loose. as i fled with my father the president (he was more like a retired commando than a commander in chief) we went to this secret underground/water base in St. Joseph’s lake. what […]

No Love Songs

i realized as i went through my collection of mp3s and deleted 853mb of them that i have very few of what might be termed ‘love songs’ on my computer. most of the few that i had were subsequently deleted. what does this mean? does it reflect an inherent lack of love within myself, or […]

War Dream

Last night I had a completely awful dream. We were about to start a war. I was walking down the hallway and the guys were in the lounge watching The Toob . On it was one Showdown: Iraq now reporting on the immanent eminent imminent initial US strikes. I was only ten when the 1st […]


Millions of young men have now been vindicated by the actions of one of the greatest anathemas of our time. Steve (a.k.a. Benjamin Curtis; a.k.a. The Dell Guy) was arrested on 2/9/2003 for criminal possession of marijuana. Now all of the mothers, friends of mothers, aunts, great-aunts, grandmothers, older female coworkers, lunch ladies, and nuns […]

Beard Accident

-Why are things like this reported? Honestly, it serves only as an explication of cultural values instead of anything remotely health-related. It is also far too narrow, dealing only with Welsh men. Now, they mention that social factors are probably the cause of a majority of the diseases, apparently because men that don’t shave regularly […]

The Ever-Victorious Army

ever victorious, the fencing team #2 in the nation – soon to be #1 later this week – swept the field again at Duke this weekend. i only fenced one bout. but when i got on the strip, the overall winner for men’s epee was still up for grabs. by the time i left the […]

Flight to North Carolina

i’m flying to Raleigh-Durham, N.C. today for the Duke University Duals. Its just the top four from each squad that travel when we fly. the guys leave today and the girls leave tomorrow. i’m excited to be traveling. i do, however, have the sniffles. last night i put on lots of clothing turned the heat […]

Identity Monolectic

Something vaguely Lacanian has been running through my mind the past couple of days. a monolectic about identity. when a person’s identity is secure, (and by secure i mean that the positive aspects that a person perceives in themself are validated, affirmed and reiterated by someone else) this enables them to revisit the dark moments […]

Job Market II

this job hunt thing is rough. i’ve been looking at the National Park service, and related jobs, the Smithsonian, Discovery Channel, National Geographic…but all of the job openings are aimed at people that have 2-3 years of experience in the field. no one wants some apparently wet behind the ears college kid. i’ve got the […]

Fencing and Homework

what a damn long weekend that was. i was 2-0 today and my aunt and uncle got to see me win one of those bouts. it was a long trip for them for only a couple of minutes of fencing but i’m glad they came. they also gave me a gift certificate to the best […]

Blog Birthday

my weblog is one year old today. and i was 2-1 fencing today. But more importantly, the Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated on reentry today. For no good reason, i have a strong emotional attachment to the space program and NASA. i didn’t hear about this until long after it happened. i hate it. when i […]