Clone High

MTV actually has a good new show for once. It is called Clone High. The premise, famous dead people were cloned years ago and the clones are now all in high-​school. apparently they are supposedly being trained into a clone army, but that isn’t really happening. forget the nature/​nurture argument. the clones act like their predecessors to the extent that they want to. There’s Abe Lincoln, the gangly indie rock guy who reminds me of me. He wants Cleopatra a manipulative and sexy as hell popular girl who happens to date JFK, the school bully and captain of the football team. Abe is friends with Gandhi, who is comic relief and a stereotypical crazy person, and Joan of Arc an angstridden goth chick who is desperately in love with Abe. Other characters include, the idiot Genghis Khan and the latin thug Jesus Cristo. I’ve laughed my socks off at every episode. check it out, on Monday nights 10:30 EST.

this review has been a paid advertisement of MTV, LLC., CO., INC. void where prohibited.