seniori­tis is offi­cial­ly here. i’ve this class called Fic­tions of Insan­i­ty. It is insane­ly bor­ing. we are sup­posed to have the next book read for thurs­day. i have not pur­chased said book, nor do i intend to. i also firm­ly intend to not read a word of it. this class does not deserve my time because i get more intel­lec­tu­al stim­u­la­tion out of play­ing video games than i do by lis­ten­ing to the grad stu­dent prof read her lec­ture word for word off of a paper. instead of class­work, i’ll do laun­dry, play Halo, and try to get a job. the rest of my class­es? they’re fun.