Horn Toot

i don’t like to toot my own horn but jmay requested what the class thought of my latest. here are some of their comments:

  • cool chess imagery — this is quite an accomplishment. juggler. juggler…
  • once again, your depth of historical or thematic knowledge here is applied and over my head, but in this case it doesn’t take away from the grasp on the poem. i really can’t say anything about this poem negatively.
  • great imagery, also great use of enjambment… very nice use of words, esp. descriptive verbs & adjectives.
  • all around great language, crisp specific word choice.
  • your use of meter is…well done and keeps the poem moving forward.
  • works very well in sonnet form.
  • i really like the way chess becomes a metaphor for politics or the chessboard comes alive and the pieces become sentient.


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