Horn Toot

i don’t like to toot my own horn but jmay re­quested what the class thought of my lat­est. here are some of their com­ments:

  • cool chess im­agery — this is quite an ac­com­plish­ment. jug­gler. jug­gler…
  • once again, your depth of his­tor­i­cal or the­matic knowl­edge here is ap­plied and over my head, but in this case it doesn’t take away from the grasp on the poem. i re­ally can’t say any­thing about this poem neg­a­tively.
  • great im­agery, also great use of en­jamb­ment… very nice use of words, esp. de­scrip­tive verbs & ad­jec­tives.
  • all around great lan­guage, crisp speci­fic word choice.
  • your use of me­ter is…well done and keeps the poem mov­ing for­ward.
  • works very well in son­net form.
  • i re­ally like the way chess be­comes a metaphor for pol­i­tics or the chess­board comes alive and the pieces be­come sen­tient.


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