The Ever-​Victorious Army

ever victorious, the fencing team #2 in the nation — soon to be #1 later this week — swept the field again at Duke this weekend. i only fenced one bout. but when i got on the strip, the overall winner for men’s épée was still up for grabs. by the time i left the strip we had it clinched.

but i lost the bout.

y’see, Duke was tied with us, but their loss against Stanford gave us the edge to win and even though i lost, there was no coming back for them.

the women won it all too. so we took home 6 cups. we drank out of the trophies last night. and i’m going out to celebrate more this evening.

read about it.

see it from behind the scenes.

ok so i left here to go do a little drinking before i posted. went over to Jan’s and i finished off his crapass vodka and put a dent into his whiskey, so accordingly and in full cognizance of my actions, i am fighting a small hangover. i deserved both. some other stuff about the Duke trip: some of us ate in a restaurant that was somewhat Kenyan somewhat soul food somewhat shady and eclectic as all hell. they had Fried Spam on the menu to give you an idea of what kind of place it was. i had something called Samosa that was pretty damn good though.