War Dream

Last night I had a completely awful dream. We were about to start a war. I was walking down the hallway and the guys were in the lounge watching The Toob . On it was one Showdown: Iraq now reporting on the immanent eminent imminent initial US strikes. I was only ten when the 1st Gulf War began, and I watched it begin in night-​vision on CNN. Tracers, flares and fuzzy-​voiced commentators. What I saw on The Toob was quite similar to this, except in better digital/​satellite quality. Apparently we hadn’t started bombing yet, and all of the anti-​aircraft fire was just for show to scare our pilots away. We were waiting for 10 or 15 more of something before we began to attack. i figured we’d already began it and the media were just trying to see how much they could convince us of.

that’s all i remember. what makes this awful is that the war which no one wants looks like it could still happen, and that all the months of talk about it has resulted in nightmares for me. I don’t blame Saddam Hussein for this fear. I blame Dubya, and the media for fearmongering and scaring scaring scarring the American public about what Iraq could do, someday. As a person who has never experienced the true effects of war, I feel uncomfortable saying this next thing, but will say it anyway. For me, living permanently on the edge of war is a much more subtle terrorism than living in the midst of war itself.