Wildass Dream

anoth­er wildass dream last night. i was the rebel­lious son of a fic­tion­al Pres­i­dent. Then the aliens invad­ed and all hell broke loose. as i fled with my father the pres­i­dent (he was more like a retired com­man­do than a com­man­der in chief) we went to this secret underground/water base in St. Joseph’s lake. what was left of the gov­ern­ment formed a resis­tance against the invaders. and I became a badass chop­per pilot and spe­cial ops leader. the world post-inva­sion was a curi­ous mix of nor­mal­cy and the sur­re­al. much of the world stayed as it had been but often with­in one step and anoth­er a per­son could go from this into huge piles of nox­ious ash­es. pic­ture choco­late swirl ice-cream with the swirl parts being the destroyed parts of the earth. this has been done by both humans attempt­ing to destroy the aliens (using nukes to no effect) and the aliens them­selves. any­way, i’m on this spe­cial ops mis­sion to inifil­trate a human orga­ni­za­tion that has made a deal with the aliens, when my part­ner — this hotass spe­cial ops girl- and the per­son we had been inter­ro­gat­ing — an old her­mit woman — were cap­tured by a com­bined band of aliens and rebels. i had bare­ly escaped their notice and hid myself in a enor­mous pile of ash. then i left my char­ac­ter and start­ed what i assume was intend­ed to be cross-cut­ting as i (now the spec­ta­tor) watched the after­math of my partner’s tor­ture, a curi­ous blend of mind­wrack­ing and body-rack­ing. all through this i rec­og­nized that the aliens were very sim­i­lar to The Covenant from Halo and that i kept won­der­ing if any­one in this place had seen Inde­pen­dence Day and why didn’t we just send a virus to the ships and then kick their ass­es. that’s all i remem­ber.