Wildass Dream

another wildass dream last night. i was the rebellious son of a fictional President. Then the aliens invaded and all hell broke loose. as i fled with my father the president (he was more like a retired commando than a commander in chief) we went to this secret underground/water base in St. Joseph’s lake. what was left of the government formed a resistance against the invaders. and I became a badass chopper pilot and special ops leader. the world post-invasion was a curious mix of normalcy and the surreal. much of the world stayed as it had been but often within one step and another a person could go from this into huge piles of noxious ashes. picture chocolate swirl ice-cream with the swirl parts being the destroyed parts of the earth. this has been done by both humans attempting to destroy the aliens (using nukes to no effect) and the aliens themselves. anyway, i’m on this special ops mission to inifiltrate a human organization that has made a deal with the aliens, when my partner – this hotass special ops girl- and the person we had been interrogating – an old hermit woman – were captured by a combined band of aliens and rebels. i had barely escaped their notice and hid myself in a enormous pile of ash. then i left my character and started what i assume was intended to be cross-cutting as i (now the spectator) watched the aftermath of my partner’s torture, a curious blend of mindwracking and body-racking. all through this i recognized that the aliens were very similar to The Covenant from Halo and that i kept wondering if anyone in this place had seen Independence Day and why didn’t we just send a virus to the ships and then kick their asses. that’s all i remember.