Dream Rules

if you ever find your­self in one of my dreams always remem­ber this. any­one drink­ing tea has been or is about to lie to you. that includes you and me. if you are drink­ing tea, you have been lying to your­self about some­thing. when i drink tea in my dreams it is always Earl Grey. and if peo­ple are drink­ing in my dreams, it is almost always tea. no one ever drinks cof­fee, because i don’t like cof­fee. some­times some­one will be drink­ing wine, but the wine tastes like a cran/grape com­bo even though it retains its alco­holic effects. these winedrinkers don’t lie any more than reg­u­lar folks. Tea drinkers always lie. these tea drinkers some­times use hon­ey in their tea. when this hap­pens they are about to tell an espe­cial­ly good lie. so beware. nev­er go to Britain in one of my dreams.