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so… i’m – aahh – i had a poem in the student literary magazine, The Juggler. does that make me a published poet? or does it have to count elsewhere? can i call myself a poet now or is that still premature? i was also inducted into the lambda alpha beta chapter of the Anthropology […]


yesterday’s poetry feedback group was less than helpful in most ways, but more than helpful in one major way. My writing, and diction, needs to change unless i want to alienate readers and have them dismiss my work. apparently, and i can see this quite easily, my terminology is a bit archaic, people can’t get […]


sometimes i worry that people will think i’m a poser because i am just interested enough in something to find out a bit about it, engage myself within it, and ride for a bit. then, when questioned upon said something i cannot satisfy that person’s requirements of knowledge and failure ensues. both of us fail, […]

Sophomore Year 2001-2002

this year was my second best in college, mostly due to being on the fencing team, which let me expel my – excess – energies. i also declared my majors, Anthropology and Film & Television, and got firmly into the swing of my classes. First semester I got a pity D in my Classical Greek […]

Freshman Year 1999-2001

This is supposed to be the toughest year of college, and in terms of intellectual growth that rings true. Although personal/social growth would also top this list if not for my Junior year. That comes later however. I suppose I was a bit scared about going to college and living in an 8′ x 14′ […]

Fencing Video

instead of writing one of my 4 papers, yesterday was spent logging, capturing, and editing my tribute to the 2002-2003 National Champions: The Notre Dame Fencing Team. Not only was it fun to get back behind an editing utility, i also got to be a bit nostalgic over the days in HS when i would […]

Easter Weekend

as usual i accomplished little enough this easter weekend, but hopefully i will get significantly more done today. i finally get to do some video editing after a hiatus of a few months. unfortunately i have a fencing reception in the rotunda of the main building right smack dab in the middle of the 6 […]


with four relatively decent sized papers looming over me this easter weekend i am staying on campus for the duration. the papers are due as follows April 24th – Film Theory – 8-10 pages. I’m writing on how class structures are assumed into racial identities and how that plays into film spectatorship in Spike Lee’s […]

Hit the Fan

it hit the fan today in poetry class, but i do not feel vilified. what i wanted was discussion and by gum i got it. some few were offended, most discussed what exactly i was going for, ranging from satire to prima nocta rights. some wanted me to make the ending different to acknowledge my […]


My life’s been generally boring recently. More or less nothing noteworthy going on worth mentioning, but pfft. I don’t care. Whatever. I’ve basically been doing nothing worth mentioning, but it’s not important. Current Mood: jejune entry generated by the Apathetic Online Journal Entry Generator.


a friend of mine had a booty call drive the two and a half hour trip from Purdue just to come visit her. apparently she got all she wanted from said booty call but the booty himself was unsatisfied. as she put it: all he wanted was my body, which is nice at least. the […]

Trois couleurs trilogy

Krzysztof Kieslowski’s Trois couleurs trilogy is quite a master’s piece. Beginning with Bleu through Blanc and on to Rouge all three films deal with manifestations of love: quite poignant, and sometimes whimsical but always complicated. The direction is smooth but firm and for those initiated into the films, on a second viewing, the hand of […]


i’ve been getting emails from the class i dropped lately. apparently, the group i had signed up to do a presentation with at the beginning of the year had not realized i dropped the class over a month ago. i’ve been reveling in their email struggles to set up a time to meet with my […]

Iraqi Stereotype

i’ve found something disturbing. whenever i catch a bit of news regarding the war, which is not much because as long as people are dying i don’t care for it, but whenever i catch a bit of news containing a picture of a moustachioed Iraqi, they all look like Saddam Hussein. It is quite hard […]

Religion and Literature

The Religion and Literature talk I went to regarding C.S. Lewis’ Planetary Theme in the Chronicles of Narnia was quite good. Each book in the chronicles has a subtext filled with the oeuvre of a particular medieval planet. Apparently such cosmology was central to Lewis throughout his life. I’m having dinner with the speaker and […]

April Fool’s Day Music Review

I saw Queens of the Stone Age and ZWAN last night in Normal, IL. It was a pretty good show, with two very different but capable bands. QOTSA rocked out hard, ZWAN was more of a musical odyssey than anything else. Billy didn’t talk to much, but it was obvious he enjoyed the crowd. Paz […]