some­times i wor­ry that peo­ple will think i’m a pos­er because i am just inter­est­ed enough in some­thing to find out a bit about it, engage myself with­in it, and ride for a bit. then, when ques­tioned upon said some­thing i can­not sat­is­fy that person’s require­ments of knowl­edge and fail­ure ensues. both of us fail, i fail to sat­is­fy and they fail because they assume and label me incor­rect­ly. then they fail because they think i am a pos­er when i am real­ly not try­ing to be any­thing at all. appar­ent­ly i have an apa­thy on the order of the hin­den­berg to actu­al­ly become any­thing. either that or i’m hap­py being me. some­times i think they are the same thing.