Computer Crapola

The past few days have been spent in a flurry of sundry computer cleaning procedures. We’ve ghosted the summer image onto the business clusters, we’ve scraped the hand salsa off of innumerable keyboards and mice, we’ve shined monitors and razed the cluster kiosks of any and all unnecessary paraphernalia.

On the personal side, I reformatted my PC at home and installed XP in order to squeeze another year of use out of its aging circuits. I didn’t have any problems at all running Win2000Pro but XP takes up a bit less space without the unneccessary NTserver scripts.

Signing up for hours looks like it is going to be a chore this summer, we are a bit overstaffed, so I’m going to have to scrounge to get the full 40 I am alotted.

I managed to copy everything over to my friend’s machine so I saved all of my mp3s, papers, etc. Everything except my contact list/address book with all of my email addresses, and all of the saved emails that I have. d’oh!

If you are reading this, know who I am, and would like to be reinstated into my new contact list please email me with all of your pertinent contact information [email, phone, etc.].

If you are reading this, don’t know me personally, but would still like to be put into my address book, please do the same.

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