Computer Crapola

The past few days have been spent in a flur­ry of sundry com­put­er clean­ing pro­ce­dures. We’ve ghost­ed the sum­mer im­age on­to the busi­ness clus­ters, we’ve scraped the hand sal­sa off of in­nu­mer­able key­boards and mice, we’ve shined mon­i­tors and razed the clus­ter kiosks of any and all un­nec­es­sary para­pher­na­lia.

On the per­son­al side, I re­for­mat­ted my PC at home and in­stalled XP in or­der to squeeze an­oth­er year of use out of its ag­ing cir­cuits. I didn’t have any prob­lems at all run­ning Win2000Pro but XP takes up a bit less space with­out the un­nec­ces­sary NTserver scripts.

Signing up for hours looks like it is go­ing to be a chore this sum­mer, we are a bit over­staffed, so I’m go­ing to have to scrounge to get the full 40 I am alot­ted.

I man­aged to copy every­thing over to my friend’s ma­chine so I saved all of my mp3s, pa­pers, etc. Everything ex­cept my con­tact list/​address book with all of my email ad­dress­es, and all of the saved emails that I have. d’oh!

If you are read­ing this, know who I am, and would like to be re­in­stat­ed in­to my new con­tact list please email me with all of your per­ti­nent con­tact in­for­ma­tion [email, phone, etc.].

If you are read­ing this, don’t know me per­son­al­ly, but would still like to be put in­to my ad­dress book, please do the same.

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