From the Ashes

Here I am, back again and fanci­er than ever. I’ve final­ly inched toward a high­er ech­e­lon of blog­ging authen­tic­i­ty by hop­ping on the MT band­wag­on. Now that I have redesigned and have nifty auto-archiv­ing et al. there is real­ly only one thing about this site that both­ers me. You might be able to help…

I can­not get my par­ent DIV table in which all else is nest­ed to auto expand when the nest­ed DIVs with­in it do so. My only recourse was to make the par­ent DIV inor­di­nate­ly long. If you have an idea for what I should do to make the par­ent grow in pro­por­tion to its chil­dren please, by all means, help this poor sod out.

All the links should work, but I still must put forth what lit­tle pow­ers of design that are at my dis­pos­al in order to make those pages jive with the new ones. please bear with me, and if you see any­thing that needs fixed, holler.

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  • The com­ment sys­tem is interesting…I’ll have to take a clos­er look at it when I get time.

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