Senior Year

Senior Year was by far my best year of college. My grades were superb, I had a room all to myself, the football team under the new tutelage of Tyrone Willingham, was 10 – 2, and to crown it all off, the fencing team won the national championship, and I get a ring out of it!

It started out innocently enough, fall semester is always ridiculously busy, and mine was more so than usual since I was taking an Intermediate Film Production class, a class my professor described more as about stress management than making an actual film. The football season was spectacular, and rejuvenated the withering ND spirit. The last home game as a senior was against Rutgers, the same team we played at my first ND game, when I was 16. I cried afterward.

I also got to travel with the fencing team, something I would have done the previous year, apart from my dislocated knee incident. This was quite enjoyable, though it did eat into my weekends considerably. Most of the rides were by bus, but the flight to the Duke Duals in North Carolina was great. And then I have the honor of being named the Knute-​Rockne Scholar Athlete, and receiving the DeCicco/​Langford Inspiration award. Not only that, but a picture of me, and a little blurb accompanying [sp?] it was put on the wall between the Football Office and the Basketball Office.

Graduation was a bit of a disappointment, the ceremonies were a drag, the Baccalaureate Mass, and the homily that went with it, seemed focused on trying to convince us to donate money to the University, and the speech by Sen. Richard Lugar, was completely inappropriate. He did not address the graduates except in passing, and focused on a pro-​war foreign policy speech better suited to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee than a notably anti-​war Catholic campus.

It was, however, quite nice to have my family show up at the ceremonies.

This is what I learned in college:

  1. How to make banana bombs.
  2. That the breezeway always smells like wet dog
  3. Once you find out a girl likes you, it is already too late to do anything about it.
  4. It is quite possible to climb the walls of the dorm, provided your shoes have enough traction, you have strong wrists, and ample leverage.
  5. The only time the Grotto is empty is when the weather is too intense for even the townies.
  6. Quarter Dogs are like very cheap crack, and much more dangerous.
  7. While you might be able to drink 12 oz of Cuervo, polishing it off with a shot of Everclear is not intelligent.
  8. No one cares about fencing, even the friends of fencers.
  9. It is only acceptable for women to write poems about rape.
  10. How to think