The Swing of Things

I’ve not written any poetry in quite some time. I did manage to get an A in my Advanced Poetry Writing class, but I’m not quite sure how I feel about that. Over the semester I felt myself becoming less and less fresh and creative, instead the poems became steadily more like mass-produced objects with assignment completion as the goal rather than quality.

All my poems took on a sort of archaic, uncontemporary feel to them, sometimes because of my word choice, sometimes because of my sentence construction, sometimes because of my subject matter. Perhaps my most creative poem that semester, Fiat Tabula Rasa, was also the deepest embedded into meditations of archaism and modernity.

The point is, I need a fresh new direction, some Muse to submit to, a bit of spice in my life.

Much of my poetry of late has dealt with endings, must I now write about creative stagnation? I’d most certainly rather write about peppier things.

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