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Powerman 5000‘s latest LP, Transform, marks a transition for the band from gothic space-rock to a niche between n?-metal and standard hardcore. Its not as good as it used to be, but at least it ain’t Linkin Park or Limp Bizkit. If it is anything, Transform is one of the strangest calls to arms I’ve […]

Know Nothings

Bear with me here, please. After brief conscious mastication, followed by a long boil in the subsconscious, and another bout of conscious banging my head against this thread [and accompanying article], these are what I think about some stuff. We always know nothing. [Yes, that contradicts itself, as do most of my navel-gazings]. Here we […]

Want Ad

I want a job. However, getting a job is pretty hard. Especially when submitted applications to open positions get no response, and follow-up emails go equally unanswered. No one wants someone fresh, it seems that all jobs demand 2-5 years prior experience, at entry level pay. It must be quite the competitive market, when a […]

Deloused in the Comatorium

Deloused in the Comatorium [DITC], the new semantic experience from The Mars Volta. Read my pompous review, but first go buy the album. When At the Drive In split a while back, my friend Kyle was pretty miffed, they were one of his favorite bands. From the splinters of this band emerged two new musical […]

Adam The Saurus

The following words [and their various manifestations] should be used more often. flummox cattywampus flabbergast hoosgow dreadnaught oaf poxy simulacrum sepuchral winsome maleficent malfeasance mallard gander discombobulate rhetaphorithetically [yeah i made that one up. you could also try hypotoriphorically or metathetatorically.]


I’ve been struggling with poetry lately. I feel that mine is too cerebral, I feel I make people work too hard. When I try to open the access, I lose something along the way, and I’m not quite too sure what it is. All that I seem left with is ‘wry.’ Twists and turns of […]

Boxcar Rockstar

The old man has no teeth two shoes but no laces, an incomplete look in his eyes. He plays a guitar with only five strings. I imagine him touring, coal pile to steel mill. During the long nights he watches for the glow of another town and rubs the spray-painted door of his boxcar. Before […]

Bo and Kerri

I’m gone for yet another weekend. My sort of high school friend Bo [who became a better friend post-HS] is getting married on the solstice to Kerri, whom he met in college. *bloop* Phil, my high school buddy, is best man, and brother to Bo. *bloop* I’m doing the video work and editing gratis as […]

Null Set

i’ve done my part, but nothing has come of it. i have received no sign from her that she might be interested in what i have to offer. i was a good friend, i helped her move out, i wrote to her in Spain, i wrote her a poem, i visited her when she was […]

Felis marinus

[Cat sits in a birdbath empty except for the cat] Roll your nine striped tail and blink ? one eye slower than the other. A shipwreck if a redbird comes bathing and finds you instead of bathwater. Swagger and turn, wind in jaunty tail. Close your last varnished eye. Put harpoon teeth away, swab fur […]

Great Outdoors

I just had the most wonderful walk. The house I’m staying in this summer is less than a hundred yards from a river, and right up the street from a park. The neighborhood is quiet, and the park [apart from some litter] is just right. The trees are monstrous, thick trunked and towering. Meagan should […]

Candy War

Atomic Fireballs at ground Zero Bar Three Musketeers from their Pay Day – Pynchon’s liquorice bazooka. The wind Krackels and Blow Pops a Starburst, Skittles away. Mars sits in the Milky Way and Snickers. [keep it goin’ folks]

‘Contest’ results et. al.

The results of the haiku ‘contest’ can be found here. Below are some things I wrote last night. in a swank hotel a fistfight with Aquinas blood drops on the bar punchdrunk motherfuck stickleback and hackles hook, line and sinker Dear John on paper a list of precise words in the woman’s small hands i […]

O, Canada

Damn, I sure needed that trip. Canada was excellent, the fishing was great, the food was wunderbar, the weather was perfect. I caught the biggest Northern Pike, the two largest walleye, and the largest perch [insert snicker here]. and read on. It had been seven years since I had last made the trek to Ear […]

Haiku ‘Contest’

I suppose I will go ahead and make this an annual event. I want some haikus from y’all. You might remember last year…I had to wrangle them out of you with sundry forms of archaic torture. Hopefully this year there will be no need for rending. I’ll even give out some sort of prize, though […]

Gone Fishin.

I’m leaving bright and early tomorrow morning to go fishin’ in Canada. I’ll be back on the 15th, hopefully with a load of walleye and northern pike filets. This will qualify as my first vacation in about ten years. The last vacation was my last trip to Canada. I was only twelve or thirteen. I’m […]

Hope v. Faith

A big deal is often made of hope, mostly positive, Pandora’s Box contained hope, to assuage the miseries it released. The Matrix: Reloaded even makes a point about it. Hope apparently is a saving grace, something that keeps us humans dreaming. I don’t see it that way, to me, hope is something of a wolf […]

Quality Reading

Every morning, one of the first things I do is read the funnies. I do this online using I read Boondocks, Foxtrot, and Non Sequitur. Since yahoo provides me with plenty of other options to access, I have chosen to take advantage of a few. One of these is the Barnes and Noble Showcase. […]


Spring hath affronted me with her most blatant display of new life, babbies [the british version of the word]. Most everywhere I have been today, I’ve seen babby aminals. First this morning, there were ducklings. All over the place along the river, trundling after their parental duck. No drakes were to be seen. Damn missing […]


Went to the library again. Got Gravity’s Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon; The Complete poems of Carl Sandburg; and a selection of short stories by Philip K. Dick. As I was checking out, I was checked out by the librarian. She hit on me last time I was there as well. I was wearing me Heathen […]