‘Contest’ re­sults et. al.

The re­sults of the haiku ‘con­test’ can be found here.
Below are some things I wrote last night.

in a swank ho­tel
a fist­fight with Aquinas
blood drops on the bar

punch­drunk moth­er­fuck
stick­le­back and hack­les
hook, line and sinker

Dear John on pa­per
a list of pre­cise words in
the woman’s small hands

i had this odd dream
don­key kong ver­sus your mom
they went ba­nanas

nun­ca a ve­ces
el ladrón de corazón
muy mal es­pañol

what are el­e­ments?
earth, fire, wa­ter, and the wind
the breath from your lips

skin sweat no fric­tion
smooth glide the ec­sta­sy ride
a beast with two backs

the game is over
when chil­dren yearn af­ter the
sharp ends of their tears

door beads, la­va lamps
a poly­ester mul­let
thats one jive turkey

2 thoughts on “‘Contest’ re­sults et. al.

  1. I am in­cred­i­bly hon­ored to be men­tioned as an Honorable Mention for the con­test. Yes, fi­nance ma­jors pos­sess a mod­icum of cre­ativ­i­ty, but it’s on­ly drawn out in a com­pet­i­tive or cut­throat en­vi­ron­ment. Such a blessed ex­is­tence we lead.

  2. Disqualified!? Dammit. Ack, that’s what I get for writ­ing stuff at 4am. ‘Twas fun though.

    Pretty snazzy con­test.

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