‘Contest’ results et. al.

The results of the haiku ‘contest’ can be found here.
Below are some things I wrote last night.

in a swank hotel
a fistfight with Aquinas
blood drops on the bar

punchdrunk motherfuck
stickleback and hackles
hook, line and sinker

Dear John on paper
a list of precise words in
the woman’s small hands

i had this odd dream
donkey kong versus your mom
they went bananas

nunca a veces
el ladrón de corazón
muy mal español

what are elements?
earth, fire, water, and the wind
the breath from your lips

skin sweat no friction
smooth glide the ecstasy ride
a beast with two backs

the game is over
when children yearn after the
sharp ends of their tears

door beads, lava lamps
a polyester mullet
thats one jive turkey

2 thoughts on “‘Contest’ results et. al.

  1. I am incredibly honored to be mentioned as an Honorable Mention for the contest. Yes, finance majors possess a modicum of creativity, but it’s only drawn out in a competitive or cutthroat environment. Such a blessed existence we lead.

  2. Disqualified!? Dammit. Ack, that’s what I get for writing stuff at 4am. ‘Twas fun though.

    Pretty snazzy contest.

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