Haiku ‘Contest’

I sup­pose I will go ahead and make this an an­nu­al event. I want some haikus from y’all. You might re­mem­ber last year…I had to wran­gle them out of you with sundry forms of ar­cha­ic tor­ture. Hopefully this year there will be no need for rend­ing. I’ll even give out some sort of prize, though I do not know what that prize will be.

Last year there was on­ly one rule, sev­en­teen syl­la­bles, but even that got bro­ken to good use. This year the rules are pret­ty stan­dard, re­al­ly. 5 syl­la­bles in the first line, 7 in the sec­ond, 5 in the third. It does not have to be about na­ture or a sea­son.

I guess tech­ni­cal­ly they won’t be haikus, but will be haiku in form. Submit through the com­ments, or at aharvey@​organicmechanic.​org

16 thoughts on “Haiku ‘Contest’

  1. haikus can be fun!!! this is my last one. i swear!!!

    i run in­to things
    walls, doors, ta­bles, chairs, peo­ple
    i dont fall down though

  2. Chalky blue heav­ens
    A good day for an airstrike
    The pin­striped hawks swoop

  3. chil­dren with weapons
    the one who is the gen­er­al
    sure to lose his eyes

    (I swear the sec­ond line on­ly has sev­en syl­la­bels be­cause I’m from Oregon so I pro­nounce General “gen-ral.”

  4. Here’s a set:

    sil­ly lit­tle birds
    sun won’t be up for hours
    why are you singing?

    damn id­iot birds
    I’m try­ing to go to sleep
    fuck­ing stop your noise

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