Haiku ‘Contest’

I suppose I will go ahead and make this an annual event. I want some haikus from y’all. You might remember last year…I had to wrangle them out of you with sundry forms of archaic torture. Hopefully this year there will be no need for rending. I’ll even give out some sort of prize, though I do not know what that prize will be.

Last year there was only one rule, seventeen syllables, but even that got broken to good use. This year the rules are pretty standard, really. 5 syllables in the first line, 7 in the second, 5 in the third. It does not have to be about nature or a season.

I guess technically they won’t be haikus, but will be haiku in form. Submit through the comments, or at aharvey@organicmechanic.org

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  1. Our new pup Celeste
    messed on the kitchen floor
    I should go clean it

  2. i thought love was forever
    i guess not for you
    my heart was shattered

  3. the scars are still there
    remind me of what i did
    they never forget

  4. asks the breadstick bitch
    would you like more bread tonite?
    leave the whole basket.

  5. haikus can be fun!!! this is my last one. i swear!!!

    i run into things
    walls, doors, tables, chairs, people
    i dont fall down though

  6. scorching Texas sun
    energy-sapping blanket
    Christ, I need a beer

  7. My faith in Duct tape
    what a highschooler needs
    on a single roll

  8. Nine O’clock to walk
    I’m here till the other nine
    while nine is my word

  9. Walk with the Prophets
    to the Celestial Temple
    among the heavens.

  10. These are more senryuu than strict haiku, wouldn’t you say?

  11. Saint Anger CD
    Metallica’s newest
    Neu Metal garbage

  12. A bird on a wire
    singing so beautifully
    shitting on my car

  13. Chalky blue heavens
    A good day for an airstrike
    The pinstriped hawks swoop

  14. Eat. Drink. Sleep. Work. Play.
    Celebrate a simple life
    Honorary Hobbit.

  15. children with weapons
    the one who is the general
    sure to lose his eyes

    (I swear the second line only has seven syllabels because I’m from Oregon so I pronounce General “gen-ral.”

  16. Here’s a set:

    silly little birds
    sun won’t be up for hours
    why are you singing?

    damn idiot birds
    I’m trying to go to sleep
    fucking stop your noise