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untitled 18

when I was young thedays seemed short as I was I would take old radios apart how did theywork? I stank of dust, ofburnt wires. someone gave me a brokencamera. I scraped off green corrosion, it worked again. they took it back ? I was that young now, I am old. twenty-two ? obsolete I?ve […]

Fiat Tabula Rasa

My mind is worst when      [waxed and buffed like a black marble lobby] it gives no purchase to feet or rede. I’d liefer leave and slide across its sable-shine rind and reck after the janitor’s jangle-bone key ring to Sub-basement b with the concrete call      [sepulchral, into distant directions] of ru      [m] ination swoll into […]

Dies Irae

With the slightest touch, a sleeping dragon awakes. Odin’s ravens, Thought and Memory, croak. They eat mushroom clouds for lunch, dark rain for dinner. Gorged after this meal, they hear What the Thunder Says: ‘All the world has aged.’ Immolated in Inextinguishable Fire, Megiddo is quiet. Two men lay like sleep, bowing to once fertile […]

Verbal Impotence

I have redesigned, updated, and converted to MoveableType, my aptly named writing section: Verbal Impotence. As added features, the useability has increased and it has commenting. New Look, Same Crappy Writing. I even added a new poem to it. So I suppose it is New Look! More Crappy Writing! Anyway, I stole this link from […]

Squirrels and Ants

When boys tread upon anthills it is Golgotha all over again, the people run about like ants who have sold their souls for a bite of apple. When a dairymaid churns milk into sweet butter Proserpine is tumbled into the land of death. Winter and virginity are not quite opposites. Before I knew poetry was […]

Found Poem*

This reflux is astonishment The immediacy of their terror short-circuiting even disavowal?s detour- This too is but a train of shadows. The ungraspable phantom of life. A strange flicker passes through the screen and the picture stirs to life. A vacillation between belief and incredulity- a terrorist mood setter, like a fairground barker, caused women […]

java applet

look that homeless babbler stands on the mailbox as usual, speaking nonsense (salvation thru self government) in his tattered tartan. We’re out on Saturday nights dressed to kill- (accomplices in bombing starving brownskins) and our (consumption means extinction) (silence is assent) Cadillac Escalade gleams up to the club ? there he is. Someone (should self-actualize) […]

Love Poem

I will be with her tonight and tumble her on the trails. I will take her. Let her fight. I am stronger. She can thrash and bite and tear with teeth and nails. I’ll still be with her tonight. If she’s passive in her fright with no shrieks no screams no wails I will take […]

untitled 17

Angler sits on riverbank waiting for friends to call one has Whiskers one a Lantern Jaw. A line in deep waters clouds, time stream by for company squirrels, a hawk in the sky. Watching, waiting checking Worm on hook day flows to dusk and shadows the brook. Night gently falls Angler packs up, leaves. No […]

Sonnet for Kasparov

As daybreak wakes the grimy checkered street, failure emerges – as a manic Czar of Russia shambles past the Bishop’s Bar – with an automaton’s ungainly feet. The crumbling curbside has become his seat of power. Routed in a white queen’s war, he lost his forces fighting from afar and endgame, great rooks swarmed to […]


my poems swirl about with dustdevil balance the lack middling beginnings and anemic endings they should be sealed in a plastic bag with a great orange seal and incinerated i’ll clothe myself with sackcloth and rub their ashes into my hair perhaps, then i won’t be too near to hear the breath of their whispers

untitled 14

i miss the woods of my youth and the enchantments contained therein adventure and errantry fighting gods and monsters with the self taught woodcraft of an imagination gone native i miss its stream and the chuckling bubble of the crawdads nipping at my beagle’s paws as she raced through the rasping reeds after another elusive […]

untitled 11

on the first bright day of spring the boys strap on their sandals the girls let down their hair the sun washes their faces the green grass saturates their blood a day for frisbees and nameless conversation games of catch and leisurely naps in swaying hammocks until the bustle of life material returns for now […]

untitled 9 [test]

confusion reigns and with shadowy steps trods the wellworn ways and breathes the faerie air of muddled love. nimble wraiths flit about amid the dusky hued scents, leaving lightstreaked trails into abyssal happiness. Where to follow? each path twice tempting, heading back only brings muffled stereophonic giggles and spirals deeper into the cloudy landscape of […]

untitled 6

a man may walk in rain and still fly through the clouds a woman may run in fields and yet fall out of love a man can fear his life but also say no to death a woman can hate all men but want to feel their hands who knows our minds our means who […]

Gallagher’s Revenge

there are omens mutants, misfits, hallucinations caused by debauched somatic conjurings (yes, always a chemical to make it better) then the earth rebels fire, brimstone, ash, and grease a pangaeaic binge and purge of frustration and polluted skies scarred by purple lightning bloated by nebulous clouds (it is only el ni?o) flora and fauna implode […]


You make no sense. What do you mean ‘Its not me its you?’ I was there when you dropped the stone in the pond. v.2 You make no sense. What do you mean ‘It’s not me it’s you?’ A dropped stone. The silent pond.

Felis marinus

[Cat sits in a birdbath empty except for the cat] Roll your nine striped tail and blink ? one eye slower than the other. A shipwreck if a redbird comes bathing and finds you instead of bathwater. Swagger and turn, wind in jaunty tail. Close your last varnished eye. Put harpoon teeth away, swab fur […]

Explicatum Vires


Sound Test

the dagger eyed snarky spy and rancid skinned enemy within went out across the tracks where janked up dreams live in sunken shacks and fast forward girls fuck for a rewind fix the subtle stars in bullethole cars flish-flash lights come closer spotting misty children flying mish-mash kites catching stranglehaired night with an ancient movie […]


I approach at a distance to make you unaware, you will not catch me however hard you stare, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a chameleon disguise, figments in your mind of fire and sea and skies. Too small to be detected, vaporous to be ignored, I stalk my newest prey to slay with sharpened sword, […]


hard concrete and sullen captive holding other cards, still firefly lust eureka, yearn wily muse at relations, failures, balance bound of random blueredges sold for out of bounds fortune a last hymn submit mindsquared soulscraps the fair rascal and wild king no tarot needs culling rest windy paradigm


soul tremble or scratch completion dry stumbling symbolic desire content words dream flowing themselves tongue toss red striving which fizzles further frustration and grasping black inspiration blue lyric writing


time holds pressure less into fifty-two bright strikes grind memory gentle sifting hand station-mold eyes and stretch clouds or steal rain, envy the moment wearing steel gladly, the passing serene rolling grey evening listen thundercrash


spread weight to defeat imps surrender stress throughout feint obstacles crushing chaotic white scream flanking creatures of the night slowing down bloodlust no break stupid filth, a line of black disease taunting (RAGE) frail support, a rotting shield complaints (several) disorganized a wall, or red victory crumbling


dim, often ascetic, evade effort anyone ungodly (hint) a chaotic disease vague struggle, something thinks for trouble is astute seeking, once defeating an oath seeming anchor mean symptoms, anything seethes stupid punk, someone like me


lonestar mirror, redefine simplicity if the bastard, the awkward one serious uptight people (so mundane) sense works without their own unwilling fortitude often points to leftover signals (tired withdrawn blackened) meaning control


I have manic bones breathe machine! a noxious self his standard considers red dollarsigns without jerks doing things behind doors wizened men symptoms of rich pricks foregoing nothing (laughter) the question creaking organic verse here a time coming mirrors worth just penny one

Douchebags of the Day

I’d forgotten about this from Rock & Roll Confidential. The gallery you are about to enter contains graphic, often puerile language that may upset sensitive readers. If you are offended by scatological humor, foul and unquestionably NON-PC language and countless photographs of guys who think they are way cooler than they actually are, you may […]

Feminism, the Body, and the Machine

I came across this great article by Wendell Berry on Arts and Letters Daily. I find it to be a challenging and succinct analysis of life as a part of the modern industrial complex. It spoke to me in some ways that I recognized as coinciding with my own beliefs, but also impulsed me to […]

Fritz Leiber

I’ve been wending my way through Fritz Leiber’s refreshing short story fantasy lately. I consider myself somewhat of a connosieur of otherworldly literature, and Fritz, I must say, is not a stale author. Much fantasy is either bad Tolkien imitation or based on an RPG of some sort. Needless to say, I’d rather read Tolkien […]

Kazaa Ta-Da!

If you use Kazaa as your P2P of choice and try to download an mp3 or two you probably often run across fake copies of songs, the ones that fade away to hiss after a few moments. Usually this doesn’t happen to me, but often enough, an album or a single I would like to […]


Since I am experiencing a drought of things to say on here, I present you with a few links. Hopefully, something will happen relatively soon that will give me a reason to be excited about the future [like a job]. Samorost [Flash] More Flash make sure you play the Battlebots game. an arbitrary list of […]

Philip K. Dick

This is the summer of sci-fi for me. Last year was the beat generation, and distopias. Philip K. Dick could somehow qualify in each of those categories. What I find most interesting however, is the ease with which his stories are converted into films. Blade Runner is based on his novel Do Androids Dream of […]

Important Part

Sometimes, I’ll do something that I don’t remember how I did it. Sometimes, when that happens, I’ll try to figure out how I did what I did and reach a conclusion that I might have just done something impossible. For example, did I just jump over that counter, or did I walk through it? As […]


In my dream there are places and people. They all do things, mostly. Some do things in the wrong places, except that this is correct for the dream. A clown with a sword might chop some onions. I do not understand why the clown does this in a field chainlinked and barb wired, but I […]

assignment: alliterative allegory

my assignment: tell some sort of story [what it is makes no difference] using an alliterative sentence for each letter of the alphabet. Not all sentences have to be alliterative. Also, use a symbol of some sort. i used to sneak secrets between the sheets when i was young. they were thin things, i could […]

Childhood’s End

I’ve been burning my way through the Top 50 Science Fiction books of the last 50 years. I’ve recently read Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game, Williams Gibson’s Neuromancer, and Anne Rice’s Interview with a Vampire. Currently I am reading Robert A. Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land. I am 28% finished with the list. Last […]

Interstate Everywhere

I returned late last night from the wedding of my friend Jeremy in Tipton, KS. For the most part, the trip was eventful, or boring, and sometimes both together. The Interstate system is a wonderful thing, It can take you most everywhere, and if it cannot get you there, it can get you damn close, […]

Limit Approaching Zero

I’m fairly well read in existentialist literature, I still buy into portions of it, for they allow great strength to be present within an individual, thereby strengthening myself. But as with all things in me, there is an inevitable backlash. Although I am not quite sure this one is a true backlash or merely another […]