Felis mar­i­nus

[Cat sits in a bird­bath
emp­ty ex­cept for the cat] 

Roll your
nine striped tail
and blink ? one eye slow­er
than the oth­er.

A ship­wreck if a red­bird
comes bathing and finds
you in­stead of bath­wa­ter.

Swagger and turn,
wind in jaun­ty
tail. Close your
last var­nished eye. 

Put har­poon teeth away,
swab fur clean,
stretch your sail tight­ly.

Catnap. Invent
bathing bright
car­di­nals, or bat
down a nuthatch. 

[Cat sleeps in a bird­bath
emp­ty ex­cept for the cat 

- and dreams of ma­rooned birds].