Gallagher’s Revenge

there are omens
mu­tants, mis­fits, hal­lu­ci­na­tions
caused by
de­bauched so­matic con­jur­ings
(yes, al­ways a chem­i­cal to make it bet­ter)

then the earth rebels
fire, brim­stone, ash, and grease
a pan­gaeaic binge and purge
of frus­tra­tion and pol­luted
skies scarred by pur­ple light­ning
bloated by neb­u­lous clouds
(it is only el ni?o)

flora and fauna im­plode
rab­bits eat their young
vul­tures at­tack the lion and win
grain trans­mutes to poi­son and
blades of grass sever sky­scrap­ers
when dogs start me­ow­ing
hu­man­ity fi­nally takes no­tice

too late

the last sound would re­mind us of
a melon hit with a sledge­ham­mer

if any­one were around to hear it.

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