Important Part

Sometimes, I’ll do something that I don’t remember how I did it. Sometimes, when that happens, I’ll try to figure out how I did what I did and reach a conclusion that I might have just done something impossible. For example, did I just jump over that counter, or did I walk through it? As logic stands, I could not have walked through that counter. Yet the fact that I think I might have raises the possibility that I could have. I also might be deluded, but since I am not logical, it stands to reason that the possibility exists. Perhaps I have the necessary control over my atoms that I can align myself into the spaces between atomic particles.

I think my powers are mostly unconscious at this point, though at times I try to manifest them consciously, opening a door, or floating the remote over toward me. I only really try to use them out of laziness. I can’t quite do it, or else they work askew. Doors won’t open, unless they are automatic. When I approach an automatic door I don’t even slow down a smidgen, I extend my arm and gesture at the door, it opens for me, and I enter, or exit. I have gotten to the point where this is unconscious, I am opening the doors with my mind.

When I try to levitate something, I stick out my arm, close my eyes, and imagine the object in my hand. It never floats over, but if I hold my arm out long enough, someone will eventually bring it to me. So it works in a way. The sticking out of the arm is the important part.