Kazaa Ta-Da!

If you use Kazaa as your P2P of choice and try to down­load an mp3 or two you prob­a­bly of­ten run across fake copies of songs, the ones that fade away to hiss af­ter a few mo­ments. Usually this doesn’t hap­pen to me, but of­ten enough, an al­bum or a sin­gle I would like to lis­ten to has been nigh im­pos­si­ble to ob­tain. Getting ahold of Powerman 5000s lat­est record and Dave Gahan’s new re­lease have been the two tough­est ex­pe­ri­ences I have had get­ting an mp3 or two.

I fig­ured out how to get around this, sor­ta. Although the bo­gus user­names abound, you can tell if the serv­er they are on is owned but a Money Hungry RIAA Sycophant™ if the band­width is ridicu­lous­ly high. I just sort­ed the re­sults by band­width, and DLed the songs that were low­er than 636. Eureka! It worked. Now I will be able to de­cide if I want to buy Paper Monsters af­ter all.