Sound Test

the dagger eyed snarky spy
and rancid skinned enemy within
went out across the tracks
where janked up dreams live in sunken shacks
and fast forward girls fuck for a rewind fix

the subtle stars in bullethole cars
flish-flash lights come closer
spotting misty children flying mish-mash kites
catching stranglehaired night with an ancient movie poster

they travel further into greenblack waste
with noisome smell and pallid paste
for an awkward girl who will eat your soul
tying up with stringy ropes and languid notes
torn apart to make her whole

farther gone the undead two
to groaning lands where wightish hands
offer nothing more to do
making bloody faces into sickly spaces
hateful and randomly skewed

snarky spy with dagger eye begins his wail
and rotten skin foe within makes them all go pale
the freakish chant and mawkish slant
they speak the winding way and twisty say
all is dead by end of day

the rhyme scheme wry into darkling sky
pattern shots take wrong way turns
into parking lots full of steam
onward going woe sowing
nothing but a ranciddagger gleam

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