Sound Test

the dag­ger eyed snarky spy
and ran­cid skinned en­e­my with­in
went out across the tracks
where janked up dreams live in sunken shacks
and fast for­ward girls fuck for a rewind fix 

the sub­tle stars in bul­let­hole cars
flish-flash lights come clos­er
spot­ting misty chil­dren fly­ing mish-mash kites
catch­ing stran­gle­haired night with an an­cient movie poster 

they trav­el fur­ther in­to green­black waste
with noi­some smell and pal­lid paste
for an awk­ward girl who will eat your soul
ty­ing up with stringy ropes and lan­guid notes
torn apart to make her whole 

far­ther gone the un­dead two
to groan­ing lands where wight­ish hands
of­fer noth­ing more to do
mak­ing bloody faces in­to sick­ly spaces
hate­ful and ran­dom­ly skewed 

snarky spy with dag­ger eye be­gins his wail
and rot­ten skin foe with­in makes them all go pale
the freak­ish chant and mawk­ish slant
they speak the wind­ing way and twisty say
all is dead by end of day 

the rhyme scheme wry in­to dark­ling sky
pat­tern shots take wrong way turns
in­to park­ing lots full of steam
on­ward go­ing woe sow­ing
noth­ing but a ran­cid­dag­ger gleam

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