untitled 9 [test]

confusion reigns and with shadowy steps
trods the wellworn ways and breathes the faerie air
of muddled love. nimble wraiths flit about amid
the dusky hued scents, leaving lightstreaked trails
into abyssal happiness.

Where to follow?
each path twice tempting, heading back only brings
muffled stereophonic giggles and spirals deeper into
the cloudy landscape of enchanted kaleidoscopes.
deep breaths or heady draughts suck in more of the
glittering vibrant sand,

revealing redcheeked performers dancing sideways into tomorrow
mimicking their steps, connected to a brighter light,
a second skin, ethereal, abstract, but plumb and true
closed eye jigging to a primal beat, only forward
further up the intricate road of powdered ruby bliss.