un­ti­tled 9 [test]

con­fu­sion reigns and with shad­owy steps
trods the well­worn ways and breathes the faerie air
of mud­dled love. nim­ble wraiths flit about amid
the dusky hued scents, leav­ing light­streaked trails
into abyssal hap­pi­ness.

Where to fol­low?
each path twice tempt­ing, head­ing back only brings
muf­fled stereo­phonic gig­gles and spi­rals deeper into
the cloudy land­scape of en­chanted kalei­do­scopes.
deep breaths or heady draughts suck in more of the
glit­ter­ing vi­brant sand, 

re­veal­ing red­cheeked per­form­ers danc­ing side­ways into to­mor­row
mim­ic­k­ing their steps, con­nected to a brighter light,
a sec­ond skin, ethe­real, ab­stract, but plumb and true
closed eye jig­ging to a pri­mal beat, only for­ward
fur­ther up the in­tri­cate road of pow­dered ruby bliss.

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