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In Castle-town at the salty docks the pirate rats sit on the rocks and peer about the piers in search of a certain longshoreman known as Lurch. Who has often been known to provide some cheese to these rats?on the side. It is easy to find him, you?ll know him on sight in every tavern […]


i’m busting my way through more of the top 50 sci-fi/fantasy list. three books in two days. i’ve also applied to a few more jobs – in chicago, bloomington, cleveland, whiteland, indianapolis. two seconds ago the fedex guy delivered my tix to my Notre Dame games – Michigan State, the game against USC where i […]


I finally got around to seeing Adaptation, which has been recommended to me for about the past year as a flik I should see. It was pretty good, I was amazed by Chris Cooper, impressed with Nicholas Cage but not really with Meryl Streep. As an added bonus, the lovely Judy Greer was in the […]

Miz Grumblewort

In Castle-town in the groping slums where rats hope for food, for crumbs there is a house, a hovel dark of toadstools and crumblebark. Lives in it a hag of terror fame Miz Grumblewort is her fearsome name. Her eyes are yellow, her teeth are green her warts are hairy and quite obscene her cat […]

Castle-town Mark I

I seem to be better at telling stories than anything else in my poetry, everything else seems a bit too forced, whereas telling stories comes a naturally. I don’t really have the inclination to write long things like novels or even short stories, so instead I am going to work with what many pompous people […]


Minutes ago I finished reading Sir Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. It is, undoubtedly, one of the best science fiction novels I have ever perused. It makes no bones about its status as allegory [which I, like Tolkien, have cordially disliked for some time]. But it does not strike me as an allegory […]

Insert Title Here

I’ve been home a day and I’ve done a lot, but accomplished little. I already feel like I’m being hassled by various people for Still Living With Mother. I went to the library and got three sci-fi novels [including 2001: A Space Odyssey which, interestingly, was written as the film was shot] and a couple […]

Grass Grow

I’m back home again, in horrible old Connersville. It is nice to be back here for some reason. I know with my mother and grandma around, I will have plenty of ‘advice’ and ‘prodding’ to assist in my neverending quest for employment. Perhaps too, I will run into some friends from days of high school […]

Mass Cogitation

I don’t often feel the need to say this, but Mass was great today. A soloist was in from Chicago and she sang both Ave Maria and Panis Angelicus. It was quite the treat to have both of those sung at the same Mass, and sung well. The homily was pretty interesting too, Fr. Rocca […]