i’m busting my way through more of the top 50 sci-fi/fantasy list. three books in two days. i’ve also applied to a few more jobs – in chicago, bloomington, cleveland, whiteland, indianapolis. two seconds ago the fedex guy delivered my tix to my Notre Dame games – Michigan State, the game against USC where i will receive my national championship ring, and the Monogram Club game against BYU. i’ve completed all of the materials to be a state certified substitute teacher and i’ve been running lately with phil. last weekend i was up at my aunt and uncle for their garage sale. they made over $1k in one day. also hung out with my cousins a bit and saw American Wedding, which pretty much sucked – but i didn’t have to pay for it so big whup.

my life is an exercise in busy tedium. the reason i haven’t updated is because no one cares to hear about tedium. tomorrow though you may expect the next edition of Castle-town. i’ve also barely begun a short story tentatively titled “Convenience Charge.”

a military maxim: when in doubt, empty the magazine.

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  1. Shoot first ask questions later…hurry up and wait…nuke ’em all and let God sort them. God has a hard on for Marines? This is my rifle, this is my Gun?

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