i’m bust­ing my way through more of the top 50 sci-​fi/​fantasy list. three books in two days. i’ve al­so ap­plied to a few more jobs — in chica­go, bloom­ing­ton, cleve­land, white­land, in­di­anapo­lis. two sec­onds ago the fedex guy de­liv­ered my tix to my Notre Dame games — Michigan State, the game against USC where i will re­ceive my na­tion­al cham­pi­onship ring, and the Monogram Club game against BYU. i’ve com­plet­ed all of the ma­te­ri­als to be a state cer­ti­fied sub­sti­tute teacher and i’ve been run­ning late­ly with phil. last week­end i was up at my aunt and un­cle for their garage sale. they made over $1k in one day. al­so hung out with my cousins a bit and saw American Wedding, which pret­ty much sucked — but i didn’t have to pay for it so big whup.

my life is an ex­er­cise in busy te­di­um. the rea­son i haven’t up­dat­ed is be­cause no one cares to hear about te­di­um. to­mor­row though you may ex­pect the next edi­tion of Castle-town. i’ve al­so bare­ly be­gun a short sto­ry ten­ta­tive­ly ti­tled “Convenience Charge.”

a mil­i­tary max­im: when in doubt, emp­ty the mag­a­zine.

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  1. Shoot first ask ques­tions later…hurry up and wait…nuke ‘em all and let God sort them. God has a hard on for Marines? This is my ri­fle, this is my Gun?

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