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I’ve been home a day and I’ve done a lot, but accomplished little. I already feel like I’m being hassled by various people for Still Living With Mother. I went to the library and got three sci-​fi novels [including 2001: A Space Odyssey which, interestingly, was written as the film was shot] and a couple of works of great anthropology: James Frazer’s The Golden Bough [about relgions and spiritualism in various cultures] and Bronislaw Malinowski’s classic Argonauts of the Western Pacific [all about the Trobriand Islanders].

Then I went to the grocery, and bought some wonderful foodstuffs, which I will be cooking to supreme succulence in the next few days. When I got home, I applied to a job, and baked cookies. Then I went to my grandmother’s house, helped her and my aunt load up the car for my aunt’s garage sale in Noblesville this weekend, and got hassled by them about getting a job. Tonight I plan on hanging out with some of my friends from High School, who are throwing a going away party for another friend who is going to Alaska for to be a counselor for a youth camp.

This blog entry reminds me of what I used to write when I was just starting out this blogging thing. I should have a new poem up sometime relatively soon, I just need to revise it a bit.