Mass Cogitation

I don’t of­ten feel the need to say this, but Mass was great to­day. A soloist was in from Chicago and she sang both Ave Maria and Panis Angelicus. It was quite the treat to have both of those sung at the same Mass, and sung well. The homi­ly was pret­ty in­ter­est­ing too, Fr. Rocca chose to speak about dis­sat­is­fac­tion as the byprod­uct of orig­i­nal sin.

This made me think a bit. If you read the sto­ry of Adam and Eve as fact in­stead of myth then it is pos­si­ble to reach some in­ter­est­ing con­clu­sions with­in the par­a­digm. But first, when I re­fer to the cre­ation sto­ries, and much of Genesis as myth, I am not at­tack­ing the ve­rac­i­ty or im­por­tance of the vers­es, but in­stead speak­ing about them as the prod­uct of a di­vine in­spi­ra­tion through im­per­fect hands, or from an an­thro­po­log­i­cal per­spec­tive as sem­i­nal texts that hold the ba­sic val­ues of a cul­tur­al sys­tem.

Thus, to get back what I con­clud­ed from the homi­ly- in the Adam and Eve as fact par­a­digm — peo­ple are al­ways de­sirous of dis­sat­is­fied be­cause we are in­her­ent­ly im­per­fect in body and soul, but we strive for per­fec­tion.

Sure that isn’t any­thing new — hu­mans want to be per­fect but can’t — but fig­ur­ing out why this is the case, is the im­por­tant part for me. Plenty of cultural/​political/​religious be­bops and doowops are nev­er suf­fi­cient­ly ex­plained but just tak­en for grant­ed. The dis­cov­ery of the im­pe­tus be­hind an adage is what I am look­ing for.

Adam and Eve ate the Forbidden Fruit to be­come like God, that is what peo­ple ap­par­ent­ly still strive for, but can­not reach do to our im­per­fec­tion. Not achiev­ing this goal is ex­pect­ed and ei­ther cre­ates a greater de­sire to achieve it or a dis­sat­is­fac­tion that could be the cause of much of what is con­sid­ered evil in the world. We can­not be as we want to be so we take it out on oth­ers.