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for the birds

new to cities, i imagine the man at the fruit stand does he know there are places where the time doesn’t change? where apples grow on trees instead of carts? has he ever sat on a porch swing and watched the moon rise to cicada song? even in the city i can miss the stars […]

soap opera

Many things need be said herewith. i was a set p.a. for only two days. they were rather uneventful days at that, and mostly consisted of me running errands for people less competent at their jobs than me at mine. [i suppose that isn’t saying much, because a semi-housebroken colobus could be a p.a.] then […]


i’ve had a busy last few days. each day has been around 16 hours or so, running all over brooklyn and the village doing various and sundry things for many eclectic reasons. it is major fun, but also quite tiring. i haven’t had a chance to check my email for three days now. i’m enjoying […]

Several Circles

Saturday I went to the Guggenheim, where the exhibit was titled ‘From Picasso to Pollock’ and was a collection of Moden Art from those bookended by the timeperiods of those artists. One of the annexes was dedicated to the works of my favorite modern artist Kandinsky. It was absolutely wonderful to see the collection they […]


This place is great! Yesterday I put in a 16 hour day, we shot the Manhattan skyline and the twin searchlights that were at ground zero. it was most certainly an unofficial shoot, Lee Jordan [son of the wonderful folks i’m staying with] was cameraman and I was his assistant. we shot Vision500 16mm color […]

B & H

i was all over the place yesterday as well. i made a fake diploma for one of the characters’ set dressing, and ran a merry chase in an attempt to get an antique Coney Island Steeplechase poster scanned and printed without destroying the original. then i ended up over at a Home Depot in Queens […]

First Day

Yo, my first day in NYC! I met all the girls that are working in the office. A few of them are quite cute too. I’m did clearances today and a bit of public domain research, as well as a few messenger errands. Clearance consists of getting release forms for whatever commericial items might be […]


i made it out to Jersey just fine. nine and a half hour drive. tonight i’m going to read the script for “Into the Fire” so i’ll have a good handle on it for work on monday. the offices are right outside the Lincoln Tunnel on 36th street very close to Times Square, but the […]


i’ve sorta got a job! i’m on as a PA intern for an independent film being shot for 4 weeks in NYC. i don’t get paid, but i’m damn well prepared to impress those folks enough that they’ll help me find a paying gig. my former teammate but forever friend Mags[nificent] Jordan has some ‘rents […]