for the birds

Thursday, 25 September 2003

new to cities, i imag­ine
the man at the fruit stand
does he know there are places where the time doesn’t change?
where ap­ples grow on trees
in­stead of carts?
has he ever sat on a porch swing
and watched the moon rise to ci­ca­da song?

even in the city i can miss the stars
and some­times the noise is too much
to re­mem­ber si­lence
 — or that life smells like more than a home­less man.

hey you. this is progress.
on­ly some birds are at home here.
so i guess i’ll set­tle in
in New York City i am pi­geon-col­ored.

soap opera

Many things need be said here­with.

i was a set p.a. for on­ly two days. they were rather un­event­ful days at that, and most­ly con­sist­ed of me run­ning er­rands for peo­ple less com­pe­tent at their jobs than me at mine. [i sup­pose that isn’t say­ing much, be­cause a se­mi-house­bro­ken colobus could be a p.a.] then again, the pro­duc­er told my sur­ro­gate fam­i­ly here [the art de­part­ment] that i made all the oth­er p.a.s look like halfwits. every­body in­volved in this gig that can ac­tu­al­ly do their job well thinks i’m great. they say i work hard and can ac­tu­al­ly think. i’m hap­py with this praise, and i hope i can live up to it.

now i have moved up a brack­et, i’m ac­tu­al­ly get­ting paid 350 a week and i’m dri­ving the art truck since the [ru­mored] coke-head that drove it quit af­ter los­ing his wal­let and pet­ty cash [the same wal­let in­clud­ing the pet­ty cash was lat­er found at Floyd Bennett Field but poor Mr. Ex-Art Truck Driving Guy has burnt too many bridges.] The ve­hi­cle i in­her­it­ed from this per­son was even less re­li­able than his snif­fles. it bare­ly made it across brook­lyn to the prod. of­fices and even less bare­ly made it back to FBF the next day. we stopped and no­ticed a trail of trans­mis­sion flu­id in our wake and a steam­ing pud­dle of the same was form­ing un­der­neath the ve­hi­cle.
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the di­rec­tor, Michael Phelan;

Sunday, 21 September 2003

the director, Michael Phelan; the production designer, Steven Jordan; and the 1st Assistant Director, Marlene something or other

Friday, 19 September 2003


Wednesday, 17 September 2003

i’ve had a busy last few days. each day has been around 16 hours or so, run­ning all over brook­lyn and the vil­lage do­ing var­i­ous and sundry things for many eclec­tic rea­sons. it is ma­jor fun, but al­so quite tir­ing. i haven’t had a chance to check my email for three days now. i’m en­joy­ing my­self though. i’ve looked up in­for­ma­tion for the editor’s guild here, i’m go­ing to call up and see if they can di­rect me to­ward a per­son who is in need of an ap­pren­tice ed­i­tor. mem­ber­ship in the guild is $1000 for an ap­pren­tice ed­i­tor, and that does not in­clude dues, test fees [if any] etc. A full pic­ture ed­i­tor has the ca­pa­bil­i­ties of pulling in over 100k a year, and that would be my goal, to be a full pic­ture ed­i­tor.

i’m miss­ing my own space a bit, i have no chance to lis­ten to mu­sic, though every once and a while I get the chance to play a song or two. I was dis­ap­point­ed in Andrew W.K.‘s lat­est, It isn’t near­ly as en­ter­tain­ing as I Get Wet. I’ve not had the op­por­tu­ni­ty to lis­ten to any of the Decemberists stuff yet, and I bought David Bowie’s lat­est last night and lis­tened to the first song. It was a damn good song, so I have high hopes for the al­bum. When he gets off to a good start he usu­al­ly keeps on go­ing.

I took my film to Spectra in Greenwich Village and hope­ful­ly will get to pick it up this evening. I didn’t get a pic­ture disk along with it be­cause that would have been an ex­tra 12 bucks so then i’ll have to scan the ones i like in be­fore i’ll be able to post them, al­so, since i don’t have my al­bum gen­er­a­tor soft­ware with me, it’ll prob­a­bly look like crap. But stop com­plain­ing al­ready!

Several Circles

Sunday, 14 September 2003

Saturday I went to the Guggenheim, where the ex­hib­it was ti­tled ‘From Picasso to Pollock’ and was a col­lec­tion of Moden Art from those book­end­ed by the timepe­ri­ods of those artists. One of the an­nex­es was ded­i­cat­ed to the works of my fa­vorite mod­ern artist Kandinsky. It was ab­solute­ly won­der­ful to see the col­lec­tion they had of his works. Two of Picassos ear­li­er works ‘Fernande in a Black Mantilla’ and ‘Woman Ironing’ were very ef­fec­tive.

When I left, I bought a hot dog and walked through Central Park from the Resevoir to Times Square where I vis­it­ed the Virgin Megastore and bought all 3 Decemberists re­leas­es, and the new Andrew W.K. On the 16th David Bowie’s newest comes out and as per Phil’s in­struc­tions I will at­tempt to pro­cure the Some Girls CD. Today I have done very lit­tle, in­stead I am rest­ing in or­der to work well next week and catch up on email cor­re­spon­dence and such. If all goes well, some­time next week I will have some pic­tures to post.