i’ve sorta got a job! i’m on as a PA intern for an independent film being shot for 4 weeks in NYC. i don’t get paid, but i’m damn well prepared to impress those folks enough that they’ll help me find a paying gig. my former teammate but forever friend Mags[nificent] Jordan has some ‘rents who totally dig the filmmaking scene [her dad is a member of the Academy]. They are the ones with the hookup here. I’ll be living and commuting with them to the set, which is going to feel great on my pocketbook. this is a an opportunity i must take advantage of. Its an East Coast Council Film with a tiny budget of 1.6 mil and directed by Brian Thomas.

I’ve never been to NYC, so i assume i’m going to go apeshit visiting museums and random clubs and stuff. i just wish i knew someone out there to hang out with.

The Jordans live in New Jersey, The Armpit of America.


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  1. You have a cousin in NYC (Mea). I will get her address and phone number.
    That’s my boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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