B & H

i was all over the place yesterday as well. i made a fake diploma for one of the characters' set dressing, and ran a merry chase in an attempt to get an antique Coney Island Steeplechase poster scanned and printed without destroying the original. then i ended up over at a Home Depot in Queens getting materials to turn cube trucks [basically rented Ryders] into a camera truck, wardrobe truck, and prop truck. that is what is on the menu for today: assembly.

i've taken perhaps 4 pictures, and i'm going to try to run by B&H to get some nice black and white film and maybe pick up a better lens and a UV filter. The weekend will be the best time for me to explore, though i do wish i had someone to do it with.

dinner with Bard was pretty good, i had to bust out rather suddenly to catch the Midtown Direct, but i'm sure we'll hang out again once he is back from Norway.
He recommended i visit The Strand bookstore, the Pioneer theater and another theater whose name eludes me for the moment. gotta go build now.

5 thoughts on “B & H

    How long?!?!?! Keep me post­ed. I may have an uber­pimp room for you to rent should you stay in nyc. Seriously, call me. check my pro­file for the #.

  2. Harvey! You dirty sono­fabitch! How the hell are ya. I didn’t ex­pect your site to still be up, man. Take it easy bro, and get some the­atre in you. There’s dis­count­ed tick­ets at TKTS in Times Square as I re­call. Also, con­di­tion­ing of­fi­cial­ly sucks this year. Zoli wasn’t enough, they’ve brought in an ac­tu­al strength and con­di­tion­ing guy.

  3. YES!! Get your ar­se to The Strand with the quick­ness. Then $2.50 falafel with hum­mus at Mahmoun’s on McDougal. Mmmm. Get on the train right now. Go.

    And isn’t B&H un­re­al?

  4. Ah, al­most for­got: if you’re near Strand, might as well head to 4th st, in front of the NYU li­brary kin­da, and check out the street book­sellers.

  5. Sounds like more fun in the city, I’m won­der­ing if it is just Manhattan or has the whole city sort of tak­en the day off to mourn 911?

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