i’ve had a busy last few days. each day has been around 16 hours or so, running all over brooklyn and the village doing various and sundry things for many eclectic reasons. it is major fun, but also quite tiring. i haven’t had a chance to check my email for three days now. i’m enjoying myself though. i’ve looked up information for the editor’s guild here, i’m going to call up and see if they can direct me toward a person who is in need of an apprentice editor. membership in the guild is $1000 for an apprentice editor, and that does not include dues, test fees [if any] etc. A full picture editor has the capabilities of pulling in over 100k a year, and that would be my goal, to be a full picture editor.

i’m missing my own space a bit, i have no chance to listen to music, though every once and a while I get the chance to play a song or two. I was disappointed in Andrew W.K.‘s latest, It isn’t nearly as entertaining as I Get Wet. I’ve not had the opportunity to listen to any of the Decemberists stuff yet, and I bought David Bowie’s latest last night and listened to the first song. It was a damn good song, so I have high hopes for the album. When he gets off to a good start he usually keeps on going.

I took my film to Spectra in Greenwich Village and hopefully will get to pick it up this evening. I didn’t get a picture disk along with it because that would have been an extra 12 bucks so then i’ll have to scan the ones i like in before i’ll be able to post them, also, since i don’t have my album generator software with me, it’ll probably look like crap. But stop complaining already!