i made it out to Jersey just fine. nine and a half hour drive. tonight i’m going to read the script for “Into the Fire” so i’ll have a good handle on it for work on monday. the offices are right outside the Lincoln Tunnel on 36th street very close to Times Square, but the production will be shooting on Staten Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn and one day in Queens.

It will be quite easy for me to take the trains to and from the city so i’ll be able to stay out after work some nights and then hitch a ride on the train back to home.

i’m excited i’m excited i’m excited i’m excited.

One thought on “excited

  1. Sounds like you might be interested in the 30-day unlimited MetroCard. Seriously: get it. Force yourself to make use of it.

    Too bad the offices aren’t in the Village or somewhere not yet annexed by The Man (or Disney, as I see it). No matter–you should have a fine time. Oh yeah, and sign up for the nonsense nyc mailing list. Then you should *definitely* have a fine time.

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