Number 52

you only get one pic­ture a day since i don’t have time to code some­thing to let you browse.

my first impres­sion of my first glimpse of my first new york rat was: ‘He looks pret­ty friend­ly.’ He had a nice even and healthy brown coat, looked quite con­tent with his glin­ty eye, and was hang­ing out right next to a sign warn­ing hu-mans about some­thing called ‘roden­ti­cide.’ a girl on the sub­way was also total­ly flirt­ing with me, but since i do not have a phone num­ber or a per­ma­nent address, there real­ly wasn’t a rea­son to try and talk to her. [and i’m a mewl­ing pan­sy].

i need to start look­ing for an apart­ment. i’d like to decide where i would like to live, but instead i should look for where i can afford to live and still save some mon­ey and pay off my bills. i should prob­a­bly make sure that i have anoth­er gig lined up after this one but i don’t have time for that either. i rene­go­ti­at­ed the nature of my asso­ci­a­tion with Into The Fire, LLC. and start­ing mon­day i will now be a set pro­duc­tion assis­tant. i don’t think i am mov­ing up so much as side­ways, and the folks in the office seem to believe it is a step down­ward. i’m not sure if that is tru­ly the case or if they just don’t want me to leave. i’m a hard work­er. also, since today is my mother’s birth­day and i’m in no real posi­tion to send her any­thing but love and good wish­es, i gave the girls in the office some flow­ers in her hon­or. hap­py birth­day mom! i’ll call tonight.

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