This place is great! Yesterday I put in a 16 hour day, we shot the Manhattan skyline and the twin searchlights that were at ground zero. it was most certainly an unofficial shoot, Lee Jordan [son of the wonderful folks i’m staying with] was cameraman and I was his assistant. we shot Vision500 16mm color on his Bolex. I took a bunch of shots on my Nikon, and once I bust the roll [probably today on the set] I’ll take them in for processing and see what I did wrong. This is only the first time I’ve actually used the thing.

The forecast tomorrow is for rain, so I might stay in Jersey and head to the city on Sunday. I’m getting pretty confident in moving around, but I still haven’t hopped on the subway yet. I tried to buy Andrew W.K.‘s newest at the Kmart in Penn Station but they didn’t have it. Kmarts in Manhattan have evolved into their own species, only catering to what city folk want. I need to get to a Tower Records ASAP.

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  1. the new andrew wk is excellent!! dont forget the some girls album too!! i finally had to order the thging cause nowhere in this musical vortex hellhole called indiana had it. rock on adam. sounds like a good time.

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