Several Circles

Saturday I went to the Guggenheim, where the exhibit was titled ‘From Picasso to Pollock’ and was a collection of Moden Art from those bookended by the timeperiods of those artists. One of the annexes was dedicated to the works of my favorite modern artist Kandinsky. It was absolutely wonderful to see the collection they had of his works. Two of Picassos earlier works ‘Fernande in a Black Mantilla’ and ‘Woman Ironing’ were very effective.

When I left, I bought a hot dog and walked through Central Park from the Resevoir to Times Square where I visited the Virgin Megastore and bought all 3 Decemberists releases, and the new Andrew W.K. On the 16th David Bowie’s newest comes out and as per Phil’s instructions I will attempt to procure the Some Girls CD. Today I have done very little, instead I am resting in order to work well next week and catch up on email correspondence and such. If all goes well, sometime next week I will have some pictures to post.

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