soap opera

Many things need be said herewith.

i was a set p.a. for only two days. they were rather uneventful days at that, and mostly consisted of me running errands for people less competent at their jobs than me at mine. [i suppose that isn’t saying much, because a semi-housebroken colobus could be a p.a.] then again, the producer told my surrogate family here [the art department] that i made all the other p.a.s look like halfwits. everybody involved in this gig that can actually do their job well thinks i’m great. they say i work hard and can actually think. i’m happy with this praise, and i hope i can live up to it.

now i have moved up a bracket, i’m actually getting paid 350 a week and i’m driving the art truck since the [rumored] coke-head that drove it quit after losing his wallet and petty cash [the same wallet including the petty cash was later found at Floyd Bennett Field but poor Mr. Ex-Art Truck Driving Guy has burnt too many bridges.] The vehicle i inherited from this person was even less reliable than his sniffles. it barely made it across brooklyn to the prod. offices and even less barely made it back to FBF the next day. we stopped and noticed a trail of transmission fluid in our wake and a steaming puddle of the same was forming underneath the vehicle.

this truck was unadultered shite. none of the gauges worked, the radio was broken, the dome light was busted, it was missing a side mirror, the roof leaked and the exhaust brake could not be turned off. we called ryder to get them to send a replacement and they sent a mechanic who said we needed a replacement. then we waited a few hours and a tow truck showed up without a replacement. an argument then ensued via wireless telephone regarding the possibilities of getting a truck sent out. [apparently, i was to accompany the tower into town to pick up the new truck, and then drive it all the way back [from long island city].] then i was stung by a bee, my forearm is now all swoll and shows little interest in becoming less red and itchy.

so i didn’t go in with the tower, instead he had to tow out a replacement, which turns out was from the lot one block south of the production office. when i got the truck i drove it back and parked it one block south of the production office by the ryder truck corral it had recently come from. the next day, [today] was quite smooth, despite my swollen arm, the new truck had all its parts in working order we loaded up all the stuff from FBF and i made some drop offs. i got to eat and i came home early instead of having another 18-21 hour day [including commute time]. tonight i am going to call my second cousin and see if she has a room to rent or not.

oh yeah, i somehow found the time [on several train rides] to write a poem.

7 thoughts on “soap opera

  1. new jersey, huh? i’m proud of you, adam, that rules. i hope you run into a lot of cool buildings that look like the crow’s set design.

    also, i started a labor history paper last week with a quote from brautigan…thanks.

    all watched over by machines of loving grace,

  2. They have bee’s in the city? Where are the flowers for the bee’s? Did you find like the only hive of bee’s in NYC or what?

  3. Woo! At least you get paid. I had a dream about you last night. You had grown your hair down to your ass and painted your face like Kiss. I was asking you if you wanted to design me a new website when you were done w/ your internship. Actually that part’s real, do you know flash yet? I’ll pay you. Drop me an email. Glad to hear everyone knows you’re compitent… as always. Catcha later Adam.

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