I finally met up with my Cousin Mea. We went to a couple of bars and talked for awhile. Even though I didn’t really remember her, I can see why we got along years ago. Perhaps this weekend I will go see her apartment and her mom.

Today is the last day of shooting on Into The Fire. I’m not done though. I have wrap week and then if we finish that a bit early I’ll head back to Indiana on early Thursday. We hope to finish on Tuesday which will give me Wednesday to travel around the city dropping off r?sum?s to different production companies and films.

I’ve almost finished my roll of B&W film and I’m anxious to see how they turn out. The Voice did a “best of NY” this week and B&H is the place to go for ‘disconcertingly low-​priced film.” i have to admit, 36exp for a buck fifty leaves me with no complaints.

The wrap party is tomorrow night, with an open bar from 9 – 11. I’m allowed to invite someone along, nut the only people i know in NY are associated with the film. Oh well, maybe I’ll get sauced and the director’s assistant will take me home with her.