Crow Recipe

yes yes, i know. i should up­date reg­u­lar­ly. in­stead of giv­ing ex­cus­es i’ll just get to the news.

i haven eat­en my crow and now own a cell­phone. it is im­pos­si­ble to work in the film in­dus­try ef­fec­tive­ly with­out one.

i have been apart­ment hunt­ing and the one i looked at to­day in Jersey City Heights is one i want. all in­clud­ed it would run me about $450 a month and it is on­ly 20 min­utes by bus to Manhattan. the neigh­bor­hood is nice, the apart­ment is nice and the two room­mates might be nice, but i’ve on­ly met one of them so far.

my bee sting is cleared up apart from the small scar from where the stinger en­tered. i think i am go­ing to switch over to lis­ten­ing to good rap for awhile, be­cause it doesn’t seem that any­thing in­ter­est­ing is go­ing on in the world of rock late­ly. i bought a Pixies CD to­day.

peo­ple please email me your cell num­bers and i swear i will call some night.

i should be at ND for the USC game to get my ring and see you ND bas­tards.

I am now quite ex­pert at dri­ving a 15′ truck around NYC, park­ing it and ba­si­cal­ly dri­ving like a fiend. Friday I pulled in front of a tow truck in the grid­locked Brooklyn-Queens Expressway and the guy flipped out. he cut off folks in the lane to my right, cut me off, threw open his door as i tried to edge around him and jumped on my bumper. then he pro­ceed­ed to curse at me, vol­ubly. i looked at him cu­ri­ous­ly, and didn’t say any­thing. i think that pissed him off even more, but i think he re­al­ized he was be­ing quite ridicu­lous.

16 thoughts on “Crow Recipe

  1. Word yo. You want a ride back to the Jerz? We leave Sunday morn­ing.
    Also, the new My Morning Jacket disc is ex­cel­lent.
    And the new Shins disc is forth­com­ing!

  2. two more things–
    -cell: 973.444.9458
    -you should have flipped the guy off and told him to fuck off. or just start yelling in an­oth­er lan­guage.

  3. but to make the new york ex­pe­ri­ence the fullest it can be, you got­ta make an ob­scene ges­ture and get mad enough to make a vein pop out of your head.
    russ­ian mafia is bad, cuz there is a lot of ital­ian mob around, and they will just shoot you if they think you’re russ­ian mob.

  4. No, there’s not a lot of Italian mob around, thanks to RICO. And no, there’s no rea­son to curse in German.

  5. Dancer Rosa, nice. Is that that wild new set of trance remix­es of Surfer Rosa tracks? Or is it *an­oth­er* trib­ute al­bum?

  6. I dis­agree very much with the not a lot of ital­ian mob around. I’m from jer­sey. Anyone who thinks the mafia is over­with b/​c of RICO is a bit naïve.

  7. I think you might be talk­ing a lit­tle too loose­ly about the so-called Mafia/​mob. Oh, but b/​c you’re from Jersey though (oooooh), you ob­vi­ous­ly have first-hand knowl­edge of or­ga­nized crime in the tri-state area, I’m sure. There’s a big dif­fer­ence be­tween some ro­man­ti­cized, many-ten­ta­cled, Hollywood/​HBO con­cep­tion of La Cosa Nostra and a loose group of third-gen­er­a­tion Italians run­ning call­ing card scams. In sum, there’s no Italian “Mafia” or “mob.”

  8. now now. if any­one is go­ing to be snide on this site it’ll be me. i will be­gin en­forc­ing Pax Harvi if y’all don’t be­have.

    dancer rosa is nei­ther of those things. its the name of the 1988 Pixies al­bum.

  9. Ah, all right, all right. But you know I *got­ta* call peo­ple out when they say things they ought not to say.

    Anyway, I was be­ing as snide as hu­man­ly pos­si­ble with my in­quir­ing about the Pixies al­bum in ques­tion. I knew ex­act­ly what you were talk­ing about; it’s by far my fa­vorite one, and I’d ar­gue it’s their mag­num opus, but for the love of God, man, it’s called Surfer Rosa.

  10. Not to be a dick, Adam, but it’s one of my all-time fa­vorite al­bums; I was be­ing ex­tra-snide with my ques­tions. I knew what you meant. If you’re stick­ing to your guns, though, try this link.

  11. (whoa, sor­ry, the first post didn’t show up af­ter I re­freshed it a few times; ex­cuse the re­dun­dan­cy)

  12. I swear I was the on­ly per­son in Manhattan with­out a cell­phone last sum­mer. It’s not just you film in­dus­try in­sid­ers; it’s Upper East Side pre­teens. Seriously.

    Anyway, I’m off to the Northwest the night be­fore the USC game, so I’m gonna have to catch up with you an­oth­er time. Until then, watch out for those ur­ban bee­hives.

  13. I could email you some choice phras­es in German to spout off. Either that or pick up some Russian and try to pass your­self off as Russian Mafia. Seriously, ig­nor­ing id­iots isn’t such a bad ap­proach ei­ther.

  14. Well, since I on­ly speak English, and German very bad­ly, I can’t come up with much more, but I am sure I could find some­thing in­sult­ing in Mandrin or Japanesse with­out too much ef­fort.

    Oh, and Adam, Christy has class the day of the USC game, so I have an ex­tra tick­et to the game if you want to use it for friends/family…I’ll let you have dibbs on it.

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