Crow Recipe

yes yes, i know. i should update regularly. instead of giving excuses i’ll just get to the news.

i haven eaten my crow and now own a cellphone. it is impossible to work in the film industry effectively without one.

i have been apartment hunting and the one i looked at today in Jersey City Heights is one i want. all included it would run me about $450 a month and it is only 20 minutes by bus to Manhattan. the neighborhood is nice, the apartment is nice and the two roommates might be nice, but i’ve only met one of them so far.

my bee sting is cleared up apart from the small scar from where the stinger entered. i think i am going to switch over to listening to good rap for awhile, because it doesn’t seem that anything interesting is going on in the world of rock lately. i bought a Pixies CD today.

people please email me your cell numbers and i swear i will call some night.

i should be at ND for the USC game to get my ring and see you ND bastards.

I am now quite expert at driving a 15′ truck around NYC, parking it and basically driving like a fiend. Friday I pulled in front of a tow truck in the gridlocked Brooklyn-​Queens Expressway and the guy flipped out. he cut off folks in the lane to my right, cut me off, threw open his door as i tried to edge around him and jumped on my bumper. then he proceeded to curse at me, volubly. i looked at him curiously, and didn’t say anything. i think that pissed him off even more, but i think he realized he was being quite ridiculous.