Hay Hair

i’m back in the tucky, unfortunate in some ways. i’m looking for guidance in Chicago of all places. been reading Dangerous Visions, the classic sci-fi anthology. its editor Harlan Ellison spearheaded it and sought no-holds barred, no such thing as a taboo topic short stories. they are all pretty amazing. Philip Jos? Farmer’s piece Riders of the Purple Wage reminds me of a somewhat happier, and more glib Pynchon.

New York i think is a bit too much for hayhaired me. the pace, the amount of effort it would take me to make ends meet would keep me from enjoying the city at all. if i get another job out there [perhaps pending with Third Watch] i’ll definitely return. i just wish i had had had had the opportunity to experience the city a bit more. have some fun. the only way i could have done that was by not sleeping ever, and well you know how i am with sleep.

i’ve some unfinished business out there though. most importantly, i owe a certain Edlund para edlundart a dinner.

One thought on “Hay Hair

  1. well, i hope you come back, though not because you owe me anything. it takes a while to find your place in new york, to understand what new york is to you. it’s like cropping a picture in the viewfinder, in a way. zooming in on what works for you, and taking out, as best you can, the things that don’t. my experience of this city is different from my neighbors’. at any rate – you learn to find ways to enjoy little things here and there, despite all the business and busy-ness.

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