Hay Hair

i’m back in the tucky, un­for­tu­nate in some ways. i’m look­ing for guid­ance in Chicago of all places. been read­ing Dangerous Visions, the clas­sic sci-fi an­thol­o­gy. its ed­i­tor Harlan Ellison spear­head­ed it and sought no-holds barred, no such thing as a taboo top­ic short sto­ries. they are all pret­ty amaz­ing. Philip Jos? Farmer’s piece Riders of the Purple Wage re­minds me of a some­what hap­pi­er, and more glib Pynchon.

New York i think is a bit too much for hay­haired me. the pace, the amount of ef­fort it would take me to make ends meet would keep me from en­joy­ing the city at all. if i get an­oth­er job out there [per­haps pend­ing with Third Watch] i’ll def­i­nite­ly re­turn. i just wish i had had had had the op­por­tu­ni­ty to ex­pe­ri­ence the city a bit more. have some fun. the on­ly way i could have done that was by not sleep­ing ever, and well you know how i am with sleep.

i’ve some un­fin­ished busi­ness out there though. most im­por­tant­ly, i owe a cer­tain Edlund para ed­lun­dart a din­ner.

One thought on “Hay Hair

  1. well, i hope you come back, though not be­cause you owe me any­thing. it takes a while to find your place in new york, to un­der­stand what new york is to you. it’s like crop­ping a pic­ture in the viewfind­er, in a way. zoom­ing in on what works for you, and tak­ing out, as best you can, the things that don’t. my ex­pe­ri­ence of this city is dif­fer­ent from my neigh­bors’. at any rate — you learn to find ways to en­joy lit­tle things here and there, de­spite all the busi­ness and busy-ness.

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