Opossum Boy

Last Fri­day I man­aged to go see KILL BILL with my bud­dy phil. I enjoyed the movie in a vague sort of way. oh sure it was enter­tain­ing, but i felt a sort of lack to it, all of the edit­ing flour­ish­es, the fx, etc… just there because they’re sexy. i expect a bit more from taran­ti­no, some sort of state­ment. i can read in a cri­tique about deca­dence, excess, and all that jazz, but i’m pret­ty sure taran­ti­no isn’t cri­tiquing it. i imag­ine his thought process was more like — i real­ly like vio­lent movies, and so do lots of peo­ple. i’ll make the most vio­lent movie ever, do some cool doobers to make it look sexy and arty and then make a bun­cha bucks.

far more enter­tain­ing, and Ward, i hope you agree, is the tale phil relat­ed to me after­ward. a stu­dent at my school was relat­ing to his teacher the sundry uses that his fam­i­ly makes of opos­sum, obtained as road­kill or in oth­er ways. [prob­a­bly best not to ask] this youth was proud of his famil­ial opos­sum gourmet. sev­er­al weeks lat­er he remind­ed his teacher of this and added a bit of a caveat.
the word­ing appar­ent­ly was along these lines:

y’know how i said we ate ‘pos­sum? well then we seen a ‘pos­sum crawl out of a dead cow’s ass. we don’t eat ‘pos­sum no more…

word got around low­er water­loo [male social stud­ies teach­ers being awful gos­sips] and the leg­end of Opos­sum Boy was born.

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  • Strange­ly enough, that’s the sec­ond time I’ve heard of an ani­mal crawl­ing out of dead animal’s ass sto­ry. Har­vey, did you know Wade Laf­fey in Keough?

  • All right, this isn’t per­son­al. Yet. Here goes: [rant] The “fx”? What are these so-called effects of which you speak? And “state­ment”??? What led you to this expec­ta­tion? Was it your famil­iar­i­ty with Tarantino’s oeu­vre? His Weltan­schau­ung? The socioe­co­nom­ic fac­tors that inform either? And anoth­er thing: Do you hon­est­ly, hon­est­ly, hon­est­ly believe that he was out to make “a bun­cha bucks”????? If so, you very man­i­fest­ly lack any sem­blance of an idea of what moti­vates Tarantino–both as a per­son and as an artist, if the two can be sep­a­rat­ed. Notwith­stand­ing any dis­con­nect between what you wrote and what you meant (I’m gonna go by what you wrote, for now), you’re very, very wrong on this one, Adam. Gimme a few days and I’ll have a few thou­sand words explain­ing exact­ly why. Mean­while, bar­ring the remote prospect of your hav­ing an epiphany vis-a-vis Taran­ti­no, I high­ly advise refrain­ing from writ­ing about his work.[/rant] Oh yeah: inter­est­ing sto­ry about Opos­sum Boy.

  • yea just pic­ture Ace Ven­ture 2.…only it’s real this time. You see all sorts of weird shit when you are a farm boy.

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