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the pedals go the pedals go a     r        o         u        n     d huff pump lean go pedals go a     r        o         u        n     d a     r        o         u        n     d ROCK    a…    i…    r… gravelgreen grassgrunt    b    r    e    a    t    h    e burn shins bleed snicksnicksnick the wheel goes the wheel goes a     r […]

Flat Tire

i work with two rappers. this is completely unforseen, but i suppose not unwelcome. Augy is the driver, and his rap name is A.U.G. for Always Underground game. he is a bigger dude, about my height but maybe a deuce and a quarter. he’s pretty quiet and shy unless you joke around enough and talk […]


This is what I got for my birthday. Made by my buddy Brian Stone. An enormously gigantic version can be found here.

The Shins

So I just found out today that The Shins played in Cleveland 3 days ago. I could have seen them for $15. Motherfucker.


Today I have entered a new phase in my life. Not only have I turned a whopping 23, but I started a really real world job doing video duplication. I am no longer in some sort of post-graduate liminal limbo. I’ve got something that will pay the bills, gives me health insurance and a 401(k). […]

Short Story

Dear girl who I once knew, It’s a shame we never hooked up. The Lord knows I wanted to. All those times we spent hanging out [with all that tension hanging between us] we should have done something about it. I used to look at your hair or your eyes or the arch in your […]

3 Things

1. I ran my car into a tree. 2. WCSB is a helluva good college radio station. They stream too. 3. Come hell or high water, Glazen Creative will hire me. Believe it or not all of these are related. I was driving my reel to Glazen and listening to WCSB as I was exiting […]

Boom Biddy Bye Bye

the move went with relative ease [my mother helped – get it? hardyharhar] and now that i have a bookcase, all is tending toward well. tomorrow i start the job offensive. been listening to a lot of Cypress Hill recently for some reason…

Spastic :

Transmission Record 2003.11.06.1410 [static] …’host::hailing.. . … ident:ified.. . … vali::dated opening freq:uency .:..::: beginning transmission sequence …[[this being the last posting from indiana: [zoom] fayette county: [zoom] connersville: [zoom] mitsubishi ad::. all post/receding commentaries: will be hubbed in and around ohio: [zoom] cleveland: [zoom] lakewood::::. tom:orro:w i leave. to :quote: Bloom County :and/or: Outland: […]

I Voted

I did my civic duty today. I vote with much more confidence than I used to. Probably because since the last time I voted I have become a much more political person [thanks, kate maich]. Although this was a local election for a place I will be living in for only the next three days, […]

balls and dip

i am moving to cleveland. thus forcing myself to become gainfully employed. then, i will cease being that guy who lives at home with his mother. the apartment is known as an ‘efficiency’ which i believe is a synonym to microscopic. but it is all i need. apart from a job that is. but that […]