balls and dip

i am moving to cleveland. thus forcing myself to become gainfully employed. then, i will cease being that guy who lives at home with his mother. the apartment is known as an ‘efficiency’ which i believe is a synonym to microscopic. but it is all i need. apart from a job that is. but that will come.

what i am seeking is an environment that gives me enough stimulus to be pseudo-​creative yet enough time to put that quasi-​initiative to some generally obscure purpose. i will also be able to resume fencing, and said physical exercise is sure to help work off my overabundant energy supply. thusly i should be able to concentrate on doing what i want instead of frittering about like a mandrill antitranked on amphetamines.

i will also be able to indulge in my latent or rampant whichever nerdiness and play mad magic and/​or goof off with various or sundry whichever oldtimey weapons.

then i should be able to rebegin pompous analyses of books, albums, movies -as well as useless philosophical navel-​gazing redundancies, taking pictures, writing things, telling myself to take guitar lessons and pretending to be some sort of panachioso babe magnet.

things might return to normal around here.

the weekend was nice. i was a ridiculously awesome scarecrow. my ubergoober scrawniness and general spinelessness allowed me to sag most convincingly on the steps of the house and scare [mostly parents]. perhaps someone will send me pictures of myself.

i met oberlin fencers. the girls were rather hot. the guys were cool too i guess.
i smashed some pumpkins with a morninstar, a war hammer, a tomahawk, and a gun stock club.

i made sausage balls and pumpkin dip, both of which were consumed by all parties with random abandon.

i’m done for now.