I Voted

I did my civic duty today. I vote with much more confidence than I used to. Probably because since the last time I voted I have become a much more political person [thanks, kate maich]. Although this was a local election for a place I will be living in for only the next three days, I have still lived here for 23 years or there/​abouts.

I have more confidence in small-​body elections, or they mean more to me because the folks elected are people I can literally call at home if I want to talk to them. The results are more tangible as well. A U.S. foreign policy only effects me tangentially, but community elections are about bread and butter. and party lines don’t matter so much in small elections. you vote for people by how well you like them, know them, and their standing within the community. its a popularity contest in strictest terms, but hopefully not like in high school.

go vote.