Christmas 2003

Man did I rake it in this Christmas. I must admit that I was spoiled this year. I got pretty much everything I asked for. Highlights include a DVD home theater system, new messenger bag, fountain pen ink, and books galore [including cookbooks]. The extended weekend was quite tiring though. I arrived home Christmas Eve around 8, went to Midnight Mass at 11, got up at 6 for presents at home, drove to my aunt’s [arriving at 9:30] for more presents, drove to Fort Wayne the next day to my uncle’s for yet more gift unwrapping [and the purchase of my DVD home theater for 97 bucks] drove back to Noblesville the same day, home to Connersville the next morning, and then back to Cleveland on Sunday. I put near one thousand miles on my traveling count this Christmas. It was all worth it though, I ate plenty of fudge, prime rib, sugar cookies, apple pie, braised ham, butter cookies, vodka tonics, more fudge. I still havent gained any weight. In a few days time, at Stone’s New Years party I will continue to eat things. I’m also going to make a non-​alcoholic wassail for the revelers.

I wrote this poem for my mom as a present.

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