Christmas 2003

Man did I rake it in this Christmas. I must ad­mit that I was spoiled this year. I got pret­ty much every­thing I asked for. Highlights in­clude a DVD home the­ater sys­tem, new mes­sen­ger bag, foun­tain pen ink, and books ga­lore [in­clud­ing cook­books]. The ex­tend­ed week­end was quite tir­ing though. I ar­rived home Christmas Eve around 8, went to Midnight Mass at 11, got up at 6 for presents at home, drove to my aunt’s [ar­riv­ing at 9:30] for more presents, drove to Fort Wayne the next day to my uncle’s for yet more gift un­wrap­ping [and the pur­chase of my DVD home the­ater for 97 bucks] drove back to Noblesville the same day, home to Connersville the next morn­ing, and then back to Cleveland on Sunday. I put near one thou­sand miles on my trav­el­ing count this Christmas. It was all worth it though, I ate plen­ty of fudge, prime rib, sug­ar cook­ies, ap­ple pie, braised ham, but­ter cook­ies, vod­ka ton­ics, more fudge. I still havent gained any weight. In a few days time, at Stone’s New Years par­ty I will con­tin­ue to eat things. I’m al­so go­ing to make a non-al­co­holic was­sail for the rev­el­ers.

I wrote this po­em for my mom as a present.