a habit is something that is considered rather constant i think. if you do something only once or once in a while then it is not a habit. a habit is something you do all the time – like rubbing a balloon on a cat or throwing toasters at things. my habits constantly change. or perhaps therefore i have no habits. or maybe i only have quasi-habits. Nuns wear habits but i dont have one of those either.

so to make a short story long, when i am not surfing the internet on a regular basis, i cease to surf the internet at all. and when i need to use it, i just use it for vaguely commercial purposes, or for info of whatever species it is that i am not informed of. or i’ll bring my lunch to work for a week and then not eat lunch at work the next week.

my morning habits have been the same for years however.
[excrete, shower, deodorant, dress, drink, brush teeth, rub balloon on cat]
i am a random crazy dorkish jackass son of a bitch [sorry mom] and i deserve to be bludgeoned with a rubber chicken for the things i’ve said and done to those i love. but in the end, any guilt or remorse is useless for all such deeds, and indeed, all deeds after all end in death.

that was a bit morbid. i should go wander into things now.

work is like a giant nursery. i put rectangular pegs into rectangular maws and then burp them 114:12 or 6:30 or 97:17 later. then i clothe them in little white skivvies and send them out to face the trials and torments of the wide world of being a VHS tape. i think ive puked out enough junk for now although i sense some residual pooling under my eyes.

Separation [Study]
Smober the Sock Goblin

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  1. the damnwells are a comin to ohio in january w. rhett miller and the old 97’s. check it out.
    the new damnwells disc is excellent, btw.

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