pig in shit

cleveland has been good for the muse. in the approximate month i have been here i have written around 5 poems and have jotted down a ridiculous amount of random things that sound cool. words have begun to lose their meanings for me again, and this is most definitely good, because i’ve to remember what i want them to mean. which doesnt make any sense and doesnt really need to. ive also been o’erwhelmed with new musical inputs. i stream my always and forever favorite radio station 97X WOXY from Oxford, Ohio and write down the random names of random bands that rok in random ways.

i have also discovered several people who are great sources for said input. im wallowing like a pig in shit.

3 thoughts on “pig in shit

  1. damn man….sounds good. im stuck in connersville…..alone and bored as a dog in shit (i think i just made that up). at least i also get to listen to 97x

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