Separation [Study]

a man with
a cane
sits on a bus.
some dirty snow
at his feet
a gift.
it melts.
he limps
off the bus.
his knee hurts.
a woman with
wispy hair
in a bun
kneads dough.
she has sev­en­teen
pet cats — two
are preg­nant.
to­day is her birth­day.
she is bak­ing them a cake.
a young po­et
has no TV
doesn’t an­swer
the phone and
won­ders why
he is alone. he
makes spaghet­ti
on Monday and
eats the left­overs
all week.
rat tracks in
Old Mother Hubbard’s
cup­board. no won­der
the dog left.
a tele­mar­keter
hung up all day
goes home to
con­densed soup.
the phone rings
but its not for her.
three chil­dren at play
two are cops.
i am the rob­ber.