Separation [Study]

a man with
a cane
sits on a bus.
some dirty snow
at his feet
a gift.
it melts.
he limps
off the bus.
his knee hurts.

a woman with
wispy hair
in a bun
kneads dough.
she has seventeen
pet cats – two
are pregnant.
today is her birthday.
she is baking them a cake.

a young poet
has no TV
doesn’t answer
the phone and
wonders why
he is alone. he
makes spaghetti
on Monday and
eats the leftovers
all week.

rat tracks in
Old Mother Hubbard’s
cupboard. no wonder
the dog left.

a telemarketer
hung up all day
goes home to
condensed soup.
the phone rings
but its not for her.

three children at play
two are cops.
i am the robber.