Smober the Sock Goblin lives un­der your stairs
if your home doesn’t have them still he is there.
He’s clam­my and dusty and a lit­tle bit mad
not an­gry — but crazy — and lit­tle bit bad.

When Smober the Sock Goblin comes out to eat
he cross­es the floor with slap­ping bare feet.
He goes to the dry­er and opens it wide
then stands on his tip­toes and peers deep in­side.

Then Smober the Sock Goblin be­gins to drool
and gets a gleam in his eye that is ter­ri­bly cru­el.
In he reach­es and steals every left sock
and takes them all home to cook in his crock.

Smober the Sock Goblin stews them in oil
and dances a jig as he watch­es them boil.
When he is sure that they are quite done
He slops them out on a dry­er lint bun.

He gives his sharp teeth a lit­tle black lick
He gulps down those socks quick quick quick.
That’s where the socks go — if you even care -
Smober the Sock Goblin eats half the pair!

3 thoughts on “Smober the Sock Goblin

  1. So that is where my damn socks go all of the time.…I’ll get you Smober…beware of the poi­son sock.

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