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Captain Spacepants

Today’s issue of Organic Mechanic magazine features a rare interview with one of the most fascinating and controversial figures in the early twenty-first century. A master of faux pas, feng shui, and the fox trot; the defender of all things tasteless: Captain Spacepants. OM: Captain Spacepants, I must say that it is an honor to […]

laissez les bon temps rouler

I just got back from a sweet night of the blues featuring Robert Lockwood Junior. Lockwood is allegedly the only person to have actually learned guitar from the king of delta blues, Robert Johnson. The blues ensemble that played with him was quite good, but it was obvious their style of blues wasn’t the same […]

J Dreams

The night before last was nearly sleepless for me. Typically I have almost complete control over what I dream about, even unto nightmares. Yet Monday night, I had quite uncomfortable dreams, and I am not certain why they were so uncomfortable. Every dream I had, and when ever and where ever it took place, my […]

How to Make A Compilation CD

Making a Compilation CD [c-CD] is quite an affair. The process is described in detail in several places, some shallower than others. I never make c-CDs for myself. The discs I burn that are composites of artists, aren’t compilations. I just put them on a CD so I can listen to them elsewhere. A c-CD […]


I went sledding today for the first time in several years. We went to Edgewater and discovered that a plethora of earlier tobogganeers had packed the entire hillside into a perfect sledding slope. Anne had gotten her childhood sled from her parents place and she and Liam had picked up a cheapy plastic one from […]


I won some Cash for Christmas and today I received it. I got the CD- American IV: The Man Comes Around and the DVD- Johnny Cash: A Concert Behind Prison Walls. I also received a couple of stickers. I had heard the album with Phil right when it came out and was impressed, so it […]


I know I’ve had the South Park Avatar thinger on here before, but its updated and much nicer. To save your character you must do a screen capture, the site gives you instructions on how to do that. Click on the pic to go there. This guy is from a downloadable program called Hero Machine. […]

The Lord Goat

there was a man who had a goat. this goat was like any other goat. it could eat tin cans and do complex algorithms with little or no paperwork. one day, while the goat was walking around in circles, the man chucked a piece of polyethylene glycol at it – thereby pissing the goat off. […]

Hades Arrow

i’ve finally gotten just about everything i need in order to start building a website for meagan. she managed to scan a bunch of her artwork with the hi-res scanners at ND and i’ve been busy downloading it to my machine. the *.jpgs are so large that they threaten to crash my browser and perhaps […]

Potty Training

my first truly personal experience with antique furniture was during potty training. my potty chair was this tiny wooden seat with a hole in it. inside the hole was a porcelain chamber pot. in back of the seat was a little door which gave access to the chamber pot. it also had a pullover restraint/table […]

VDS, Mofo

Fin! Finally. I no longer work for VDS. Monday I start my new job as a manuscript editor. It should infinitely better, even though I’ll be working in a cubicle. At least the people I’ll be working with will have decent oral hygiene, and a modicum of common sense. I don’t have to make copies […]


my computer is slowly approaching the event horizon of unusefulness. [damn that word has one prefix and a dual suffix, how awful]. it is toast. the main problem my machine has is lack of HD space. i’m still running on 8.5GB; this makes it quite difficult to download the amounts of stuff that i wish […]


I’m typically not very excited when I am given a hypothetical question along the lines of ‘If you were on a desert island what five things would you want with you?’ My answer is always something along the lines of ‘A Coast Guard ‘copter, fuel for it, a book on how to fly a ‘copter, […]

Brake Pads

The brake pads on my car have been shot for weeks. I’m finally getting them replaced this Saturday, and I will feel infinitely better afterward. Not because of apprehension regarding my lessened stopping ability but because I’ve been putting up with this heinous screeching noise as the warning guide scratches against the wheel. It has […]

Lick It

I went to the Cavs/Knicks game last evening with Liam and Anne, and Amy. This was my first time actually being present at professional basketball game. We bought the tix from a scalper for 20 bucks a pop [they were regular priced at $65] and I am sure glad I didn’t pay full price. The […]

Another One

Anyone have a clue who those ladies are to your left? I sure as hell don’t. I’m not even sure why I have some film with them on it in my apartment. They are only temporary, till i find something more appropriate. The sideblog should cut down on the random links that often appear at […]

Ghost in the Shell

I saw Ghost in the Shell last night. The Matrix can suck eggs. “A ghost-hacked human is a pitiful thing.” “A copy is just an identical image. There is the possibility that a single virus could destroy an entire set of systems and copies do not give rise to variety and originality. Life perpetuates itself […]